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Help Me With My Daughter's Homework Please!


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Does anyone know what the product of zinc and ethanoic acid (formerly known as acetic acid) is? I am, officially, thick. We've done internet searches and we can't find it. Apparently I am even too thick to do an internet search in order to find the answer. I have suggested that she writes, 'Who knows' as the answer to this question but she seems loathe to do that. The bright spark who knows the answer to this question will receive an imaginary box of chocs, bouquet of flowers, weekend at a health spa...

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acid on a metal will corrode so I would think thats ascetic acid on zinc will fizz and bubble and eat into the metal.

Did a bit of a search but to tired to do one in depth if i find out more i'll let you know


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Guest tinkerbell

Goodness only knows

What about this?

Zinc acetate





Name Zinc acetate

Synonyms Acetic acid zinc salt

Chinese Names 醋酸锌; 乙酸锌


Molecular Structure


Molecular Formula C4H6O4Zn

Molecular Weight 183.48

CAS Registry Number 557-34-6

EINECS 209-170-2




Density 1.84

Melting point 83-86°C


Safety Data


Hazard Symbols Xi Details

Risk Codes R36 Details

Safety Description S26;S39 Details

Transport Information UN 9153


Suppliers in China


The Complete List of Chinese Suppliers for Zinc acetate








trans-Zeatin Zeaxanthin Ziconotide acetate Zinc acetate dihydrate Zinc acrylate Zinc bacitracin Zinc benzenesulfinate dihydrate Zinc bis(2-ethylhexanoate) Zinc borate Zinc bromide Zinc carbonate hydroxide Zinc citrate Zinc citrate dihydrate Zinc dibenzyldithiocarbamate Zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate Zinc diisobutyldithiocarbamate Zinc dimethyldithiocarbamate Zinc disodium EDTA Zinc ethylphenyl dithiocarbamate Zinc L-lactate Zinc 2-mercaptobenzothiazole Zinc methacrylate Zinc naphthenate Zinc nitrate Zinc oxide Zinc peroxide Zinc phosphate Zinc phosphinate Zinc 1,2-propylenebis(dithiocarbamate) polymers Zinc pyrithione Zinc salicylate Zinc selenite Zinc stearate Zinc sulfate heptahydrate Zinc sulfate monohydrate Zinc sulphate Zinc tetrafluoroborate Zinc undecylenate Zineb Zirconium acetate




Copyright 2007 © chemBlink. All rights reserved

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Guest tinkerbell

I'm not being cheeky Moose :(

That is wht I googled :(


Do you think its the zinc cream you put on babies bottoms for nappy rash :oxD



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might help


or this?


Don't know if I've passed the Google search test and get virtual chocs ( great for weightwatcher like me :o )

As for Chemistry, the only Chemistry I know is the type between my husnabd and I :( and no we don't create gas xD




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Well, we must be really thick too!!!


Hubby was determined to be the one to find the answer - trust a bloke and their competitive streak!


He's been all round the net and can only find what happens when the two come into contact!


He was really miffed - but I did chuckle!!


Hope you have more luck with someone else!! :o

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I would like to say I understand but that would be a lie! I am very dense. Where did you find the answers or are you just a family of geniuses or should that be geni? I've sent your imaginary prizes and hope you're enjoying them. What the hell - imaginary prizes to everyone who helped - enjoy!


And do you know the formula? Extra prizes will be sent!

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Sorry not sure of the formular as that is not one of the questions on Amys work sheet! I do have her teachers son in my class but I dont think he would appreciate me phoning him!!The rest of the answers were in her work book. At a guess next weeks prep will be on Reactions of metals!


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I don't think there can be a direct product. I think there mat be a misunderstanding in that Zinc forms a salt with ethanoic acid and another acid.An example is below

CH3COOH + 2HCl + Zn --> CH3CHO + H2O + ZnCl2

Ethanoic acid + Hydrochloric acid + Zinc - Acetaldehyde + water plus zinc chloride


Suzy Bell's Head of Science hubby

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I thought I was in the wrong forum for a minute!


I am told on good authority:


Zn + 2(Ch3COOH) >> Zn(CH3CO2) + H2 (zinc ethanoate/acetate and hydrogen)


Incidentally its sometimes used in throat tablets as well as to treat wilson's disease.


Zinc oxide and ethanoic acid would give zinc ethanoate and water.


tales me back to Alevel Chemistry days...


Moose do tell us how your daughter gets on

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