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  1. Glitter Ban

    We will use up current supply and rethink our future choices. Call me cynical- but it seems strange that this has only just come to light a few weeks before Christmas..... and a certain nursery chain seems to getting some very high profile free advertising. Yes, it could be (and probably is) an important issue, but it's stitching-up your fellow professionals highlighting it in this manner.
  2. Granny Gift!

    Picture frame blanks? - the children could decorate however they wanted and add a drawing /photo/painting ?
  3. Fine motor activities

    Sometimes I think we tie ourselves up in knots trying to think of 'new ideas'......... when actually the new ideas are actually for ourselves and not for the children who will probably find all our 'old ideas' are all very new and challenging to them!
  4. Manage the content that you see

    Well I tried earlier and thought I hadn't - but now it seems I have
  5. New update ... here to help!

    And me too please..... all I seem to see nowadays is lots and lots of tapestry which is beginning to put me off coming on here so much
  6. Well I'm going to be honest here and say I don't really know the correct answer, however going by what I've seen on our LA website I think we just need to be registered with the ICO - which we have been doing for many years anyway. Whether or not the ICO are going to hike up their prices is another story though.
  7. What would you do?

    Well unless the child starts immediately (next day) we charge a £10 admin fee. This covers printing/time/etc. Our LA were ok with this - as technically they haven't take up a place yet! If they fill in all paperwork including funding forms for a next day (or next available session- ie they visit on a Monday but actually want Wednesdays) we do not charge.
  8. Sole Trader to Partnership?

    I guess I have a back up plan as such. Just taken over our setting from a sole trader. Possibly a bit different from you- as we have started up as a CIC, but I did make my daughter become a (very silent) partner. She has no childcare experience but is good at admin and can deal with bank and Ofsted etc. I didn't think of it as a back up at the time, I just didn't want to 'go it alone' and she is very organised paperworkwise so she had no choice
  9. Forum Update

    Well I knew it................... I forgot my password !!!!!! However obviously that is now sorted Sites looking strange but good - but I will get over the change fine, just need a couple of hours . I did worry about all the missing images ect, but thought that was my old lappy (really, really need to get a new one.. HOWEVER as I may have said before I don't like change!)
  10. Forum Update

    See, even such a simple task like 'logging back in' causes me major stress............ I can never remember my password :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Rotas - We have one even though we are a small mature team. for us it just serves as a reminder of what people are supposed to be doing. If someone is down for keeping an eye on creative area- they are responsible for the paint pots etc. For things like fire logs, risk ass etc we have a central folders where everything is kept - so not lost bits of paper, and if there is missing gaps you can trace it back to the person who was responsible for that day. That will give clear evidence for supervisions/meetings. Doing the rota in the first place is a nightmare though as every 'small job' within the day is accounted for. Difficult enough if you're a sessional pre-school, so I dread to think how hard it might be for full day-care with different start times etc.
  12. Forum Update

    :o :o :o I just get the 'new posts' page when I log on, will I still be able to do this with the new ? At least it's half term so plenty of time to explore. (I'm not good with change! :lol: :lol: :lol: )
  13. DBS

    Ofsted Jan 16 and they were ok with our (very) old ones + signed declarations.
  14. Coping with change

    Yes I have been know to say that occasionally, usually works as no-one else actually keeps up to date with official changes ::1a I have been known to say - Yes, well years ago it seemed good practice to send children up chimney's, but we've stopped doing that now. :1b I have to say that one is usually met with silence as they know I serious about the changes needed.
  15. Coping with change

    Same here. I do however has to nice new amazon fires still in their boxes :wacko: :lol: :lol: :unsure: