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  1. Glitter Ban

    I wonder if they’ve also banned disposable nappies ;-)
  2. Updating Policies

    Hi, we are committee managed (loosely) so they adopt the policies, I then give all staff a copy, if it has an amendment I highlight that before printing, I then keep a sheet that they all sign and it stays in the front of the office set of policies.
  3. Might have to let you off the c word zigzag, I had a sudden flash of panic as I realised ours is only 3 weeks away and we’ve done nothing about it, we’ve done the same version of a Navity play for donkeys years ;-), i also hate narrating it and live in hope every year that mice have eaten the costumes whilst in storage so we can cancel lol, I’ve been known to send the shepherds off to visit baby Jesus and he’s still on the floor behind the curtains :-/ it lasts all of 10 minutes if that and then we sing a few Christmas songs, often think I’d like to try something different but always leave it too late, so can’t help with an alternativeit’s really, it’s only committee/parent pressure that we keep doing it at all. Good Luck
  4. packed lunches

    Similar, sandwich/wrap, veg/fruit, yoghurt before any crisps (as wasted if they then decide no longer hungry) and 1 small ‘treat’ (never know what else to refer to it as, though I guess it isn’t right to teach them the unhealthy thing is a treat), any more than 1 then they choose and other/s go home.
  5. Newbie

    The way to do it might be (if you have subscription room) give the child 2 accounts, slightly change name format, add one parent to each, when doing an ob add both children then split the ob, It would be the same as sending to 2 different children and one parent couldn’t see the others parents adds or comments then . (Would that work Lauren ?) though it would be better if they agree to be amicable and share, we’ve found a couple of our children do quite well out of it as one parent adds somewhere they’ve been or something they’ve done and the other parent has to top it lol
  6. newsletter function

    Also interested in this feature :-)
  7. Adding photos and observations

    Hi, you can change the date on obs via the browser but not the app, you could add the date at the start of notes when you write it up or add the photos at the time, then just put a symbol or letter in ‘title’ box so it will save until you get back to do it. I’d quite like an option to make them date/timeless.
  8. 1- We use the ‘What to expect when’ document with new parents to assess and form a baseline (I think lots of other providers do too), are there any plans (or could there be) to add this as another type assessment tool ? 2- I really like the new development matters assessment on the tracking page, but as we’ve stopped ‘ticking’ statements when we do observations it, like many of the analysis features tell me nothing so I am now thinking about going back to using the statements, my question is would it be possible to somehow show which statements have already been ‘ticked’, either by greying out or having a number against them when doing an ob ? (I know this would only be possible for individual obs but that would be ok). many thanks for thinking about and implementing some of the things we throw at you all
  9. Business rates and 30 hours survey

    80% was the best our council would give us :-(
  10. Business rates and 30 hours survey

    Also charity status with 80% discount, would cause problems if we had to pay it all. Will look at the survey.
  11. Forum Update

    ...and me .... I know you said 'polished' Lauren but WOW ! ...... I'll just sit quietly in the corner until my eyes adjust to the brightness before exploring
  12. What do you do?

    Like Lynned we don't do swaps either, if parents take children out for whatever reason that's their choice and not our problem, parents know that bank holidays fall on Mondays when they book sessions (usually only the early may one as others fall in holidays) so no swapping there either, the only exception we make is when we close for our end of year leavers trip, any fee paying child will have it deducted from their invoice and any funded are given a credit note for the missed hours to use this term (subject to staffing). JJA I think you're right about a 'parent agreement', We've never done this before but it seems with a few the more they get the more they want.
  13. Neglect toolkit

    Thanks wildflowers a useful list to think about, is there a 'scoring' system that goes along, will have a better look later :-)
  14. Schedule Observations

    Hi Rebecca do you know if there might be the ability to include links when the newsletter function goes live ?
  15. Supervisions

    Hi, tell your deputy it's not only good practice but a requirement of the eyfs framework and that you don't have any choice, ofsted do check that you carry out supervisions, admittedly after doing them for a few years now every half term we have moved to only termly but I make staff aware that any concerns or issues they have are raised straightaway and not left until their next supervision, equally if I need to discuss anything I will raise it before then. I give my staff a form to complete prior to their supervision with the same areas that will be discussed during supervision, this gives me time to look into anything, research training they're interested in etc...I have safeguarding, key children development, practice, provision, cpd and other on mine (I think), they are useful to have that time 1:1 with staff, not only to discuss improvements but also to praise good practice, I try to allow 30 mins for each, but you soon learn who will want to be done in 5 minutes or who would still be their 2hrs later giving their opinion on anything and everything ! good luck you'll be fine :-)