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  1. Granny Gift!

    Fabric bags - can be decorated using fabric paints and will be individual to the child.. this is assuming they will all buy one , and remembering not all children have a granny so needs to be something that anyone can use/ buy.
  2. I saw one of them, it wa the one mentioned above, and decided that I was not happy with the way children were being used in set up situations some obviously set up to fail.. I see there are more programmes but did not watch any of them.. I felt it really was nothing to do with secret life of these children, more a set of tasks / situations for them to be filmed in.. I wondered what was the benefit to these children..and what did they gain from it..
  3. Glitter Ban

    But at those prices out of reach for everyday /playgroup use.. Suppose food grade would be too..
  4. Glitter Ban

    Not sure on accuracy as not checked this out yet but an interesting read.. http://www.plasticpollutioncoalition.org/pft/2017/9/6/microfibers-the-plastic-inside-us
  5. Would any of you consider a glitter ban, considering what it is made of now and the amount of pollution it could cause when used in the quantities it is.. Putting together all settings it would be a considerable amount.. Sky News - Nurseries ban glitter over pollution concerns I had not really thought about it until now..
  6. packed lunches

    The issue I have with enforced eating rules is that they could lead to overeating.. that is a lot to eat first to get to a 'treat', and some will eat it all to gt it when they really are not needing that much food. (How many grew up with the eat your dinner or you get no pudding-totally illogical and caused so many to overeat. No puddings in our house with a meal, but as a snack occasionally when hungry or even as a meal on its own! Yes at home we occasionally have a meal of just the pudding, that way we enjoy it to the full ) It usually came back to educating parents on amounts and contents of boxes to things the child could manage and enjoy. Encourage the savoury first, but we never enforced any rules.. We did check the boxes as we said no sweets or fizzy drinks, that some did try to sneak in, but otherwise it was childs choice.. same for snack..encourage the tasting of fruit for those not familiar with it but not enforce any order of eating.
  7. me too please - Too much tapestry -
  8. A couple of ideas.. a previous thread and a site for the bean game.. ( taking me a while to get used to this new format- searching for old posts took me ages- there are probably lots of ideas in there if you can search for them) http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/warm-up-ideas/beans-activity http://eyfs.info/forums/topic/47806-pe-ideas/
  9. Role Descriptions

    http://eyfs.info/forums/files/category/87-job-descriptions-2016/ Always worth a look at the resource library.. these are a few years old but they may help as a starting point..
  10. AGM Question

    Our staff did not attend other than manager.. they could have no input and could not be elected to committee because of our constitution so no point.. If they can be elected to committee , as some constitutions allow now they they should attend,but cannot see any reason they must attend..
  11. New Manager

  12. It will always depend on the child as well, some respond well to Makaton, others Pictures.. As it is signs along with words we tended to use Makaton everyday with a lot of the things we did even if we had no children needing it.. it was a sort of habit that we got into and kept going for alot of everyday things. We didn't realise how much until we had a visitor ask about it and why we were all using hand gestures..
  13. Staff wage increases

    For us it was always a big balancing act on looking at what we could reasonably afford against what I felt I wanted to give. I did tend to look at the percentage increase on minimum wage and tried to increase everyone by that percentage at the same time. Finances did not always allow this so I had to use the percentage we could reasonably afford. I did always make it a percentage rather than a flat amount.. rounding up or down to the nearest figure that made it easy to calculate. I always felt flat amounts for all unfair as it did duce the differential we had tried hard to set up.
  14. Some of this will always depend on what is already in place.. It needs to be coordinated with other professionals and parents,its no good one person using one and the other something different.. In our case it was always Makaton - the children were often using it at home and it was able to use signs rather than have pictures.. That said some of our children used to use Makaton in conjunction with Pecs.. and we used Pecs for the timetables and often for food and other things while sat with the children, using the sign as well as the picture.
  15. Womans Hour Programme ( Limited time period )