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  1. Work experience student

    I would also do a risk assessment for young persons in the workplace. Also, ask the student what they need to complete for the school e.g. time sheets, booklets to complete etc. Some young people aren't very good at asking for help in this.
  2. How do you force someone to write their name?
  3. parent complaint

    Why is your staff member getting texts from a Grandparent? Not really the right channel to do this maybe? Maybe you just need to be ready armed with your complaints procedure / policy when they come in. Sometimes people bluster in the heat of the moment, but are quite willing to discuss rationally afterwards.
  4. Dough Disco

    I was wondering how you massaged a pizza!!!
  5. Behaviour Management, help

    Children are not really 'too ready for school' if they are not listening and concentrating. Far from it. It is more likely that they have fear and anxieties about going to school which can also cause unwanted behaviour. If you are saying they are ready for school because they are bored with you, then actually you have answered your own question about how to address this. Also, understanding why children behave the way they do is an enormous help in resolving their issues, even though it can take some time. It is a really worthwhile process and can highlight some very simple to fix causes. What is important is that every child is different, their behaviour is not a collective decision. Have you looked recently at your environment, routines, etc. If they are wanting to run indoors, is there somewhere they can run outside? We too have had some cases of unwanted behaviour recently and have very much gone back to basics, looking at what we have learned over the years, but more importantly actually making sure we all put it into practice consistently.
  6. Deposit

    LA's can't have it all. They want business plans, cashflow forecasts, underfunded places etc etc. Depending on your area, I am not sure they can afford to lose anyone offering funded places. What will they do about it? Nothing I would imagine. If you need to charge a deposit (or call it what you want) why not, it is not the end of the world if it is a modest amount and we all know those real hardship cases who couldn't take up the place if they couldn't pay this fee.
  7. PECS cards

    We have used our own photographs to produce picture cards for 2 children in our setting who have complex needs, including no speech. This was on the advice of our Area Inco. We call it PECS for ease of use, and although I understand that this is a specific system intended to be used in a specific way, we have had to adapt the system in different ways to work for each of our children. We were put off buying an expensive system at this stage as we had already purchased Makaton equipment for these children which proved no benefit t them at this stage (although we are putting it to general good use). Using the cards has enabled us to give some structure to these children's day and to enable the older of the two to be more independent in our routines. I am not sure that to say you must use a specific product in a particular way is particulalry helpful. I would say use what you can and in a way that is appropriate for the child in question. Our 2 children both have autism, but they are very different in their needs.
  8. Biting!

    Hi Mrsbat, When I was reading your e-mail, I was struck how similar your situation is to one we have. We have a little boy who joined us in September, who although he doesn't always bite, can be very aggressive and destructive at times. We are currently working one to one with him most of the time, mainly to protect other children, but also to teach him how to behave socially. It is very hard work and definately two steps forward one step back, but it is starting to work. It is a difficult balance isn't it between looking after the interests of the child, and of other children and doing PR with the parents who think there children are never to blame, and helping staff cope. We share the job between 2 of us, (anymore and he would become confused by possible inconsistencies). We role model good behaviour and give praise for any tiny bit of good behaviour. He also responds when we praise other children by attempting to copy some of their behaviours. We have found ABCC charts very useful to find reasons for his behaviour, as well as anticipate possible triggers, so we can be in place to (hopefully) prevent anyone getting hurt. It is slow progress but definately worth it. This child is not naughty. He is just trying to fit into the environment and has never sociallised with other children before. I hope things start to improve for you too, good luck and let us know how things go.
  9. Planning Targets

    how can you plan for a particular stage of development, surely you can only plan activities and the learning environment and then assess at what level each individual child is at?
  10. We observe when we see or hear something and only occassionally if we are trying to find something out about a child. Most of our observations are captured moments, and when analysed event short obs can produce a lot of information. We wouldn't write out an observation necessarily just to establish what a child is interested in, it may form part of a short observation, or we may make a mental note at the time and then use it to inform our planning. The main areas where we might plan to do an observation are to assess speech and language skills or social development. Other than this, we look for learning and achievement through play and activities. In my experience, if you set out to observe something in a child, this is the time they will lay on the floor with their legs in the air, dreaming about what's for dinner!
  11. Ofsted In School Nursery

    We had our inspection just over 2 weeks ago. The Inspector was lovely and most interested in the following:- Safeguarding - paperwork and questionning staff about procedures Phonics Work ICT Challenging more able children Signs both inside and out in different learning zones Most of the inspection was guided around our SEF Good luck
  12. Paying For Training

    We pay all staff for all training we ask them to go on or agree with them, If they want to do extra, that is negotiatble. Can't believe that so many settings don't pay staff to do training.
  13. Reason For Absence - Informing Manager

    Whoa that was a fairly strong discussion and an interesting one. I can fully understand why Sheila you are interested in what is wrong with your employee and whether that has implications for her suitability to do her job. Safeguarding is definately an issue here, with good practice advised on the back of excellent reports by Laming and Bicham being somewhat undermined by the new Equality Act. It is a fine line between protecting the children we work with and protecting the rights of the employee. I think that an employer is right to have concerns about an Employee with Mental health issues, depending on what those issues are. Think of it from a parent's point of view, would you want someone who is potentially mentally unstable looking after your young child. However, I would imagine in most cases then the Employee with mental health issues needs time to recover frowhem a current bout of depression, or related illness, and poses no threat to anyone. This is about knowing your employees and trusting them, and them trusting you. People are right to suggest a return to work 'interview', to discuss whether there are any implications for her health, and anything you need to put in place to support her and ensure she is 'ok' to work with the children. It is very easy to come down heavily on the side of the employee, but us employers do a very difficult job, often for little more money than the employees, and often employees are not in the right. Hope you don't feel too downtrodden Sheila, I think you were simply doing what you thought was right and with good reason.
  14. Safety Advice, Children Seen Playing In Street

    Thanks Sunshine61 glad to know it is not just me. We have also noticed that same parent lets same child run in and out of the cars in the staff car park at school pick up time. OK they probably won't move at that time, but they might. And in any case it's not good to let children think they should do that. Chat to come this week. Will let you know how I get on.