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  1. Glitter Ban

    My Deputy was being very earnest about this at this morning's session - will have to have a good, hard think about it (sometime soon)
  2. Hmm - I also have issues with this programme - I am not at all comfortable with these 'experiments' that are planned to result in children becoming distressed in the name of entertainment......... A real 'fly on the wall' documentary would be far more interesting and entertaining
  3. Appraisals

    I do 5 supervisions and 1 appraisal
  4. I know - it was all a bit frustrating for the LA as well as practitioners
  5. Plenty of 'training' offered here - unfortunately most of it was of the "oh don't actually know the answer to that yet" variety
  6. Beep Beep road safety! 22nd November

    Thank you - have registered
  7. Beep Beep road safety! 22nd November

    Link isn't opening for me
  8. Manage the content that you see

    Aha - think I've managed it now!
  9. Manage the content that you see

    Let's wait and see if Louby and others can do it - then we will know its just me being a bit 'slow'
  10. Manage the content that you see

    Ah - actually no - right will try again......
  11. Manage the content that you see

    Yes thank you!
  12. New update ... here to help!

    Oh - lots of use of the word 'please' there - see I'm just sooooo polite!
  13. New update ... here to help!

    Hi - just asking the same as Catma - can I please have the Tapestry posts removed from my stream please
  14. Business rates and 30 hours survey

    Rebecca - I don't pay business rates as I am in a community building - able to fill in the rest of the questionnaire though - hope it helps