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Date: 18/11/17
Where: Southampton
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Promoting positive behaviour is a key strategy for behaviour management. This course will look at practical strategies for promoting positive behaviour within the early years setting.   Length of course   1 day.   Who should attend?   This training …
Beginner's  guide  to  nursery finance  is  primarily  aimed  at  nursery  owners, managers and those with a financial responsibility for running a childcare setting. This online course supports nursery owners and managers to reflect and review thei…
Date: 18/11/17
Where: Bedford
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Training Providers: HTS Ltd, Bostock Health Care, St John Ambulance Course Details: Paediatric First Aid is specifically designed to cover issues for children less than 12 years of age. Paediatric first aid includes resuscitation, choking suffocatio…
Date: 18/11/17
Where: Brighton and Hove
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The following courses are provided by Brighton and Hove local authority and are available to 'out of area' providers.    Effective communication for managers and leaders      15 September Safeguarding - Children in Need of Protection*             20…
In this free course, Understanding children: Babies being heard, you will find out some of the things that very young babies can do. You will also discover how babies can contribute to family life and relationships from birth. You will look at what …
This PDF details all the training events that Suffolk CC are running this year. Contact details and booking information are on the poster.
In this free course, Infants' understanding of their social world, we draw on a wide range of psychological research to address the question of whether infants have a rich understanding of their social world. You will have the opportunity to read jo…
Date: 18/11/17
Where: Online
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This free course, Attachment in the early years, covers theory and research in the area of attachment in early childhood. In the 1950s, John Bowlby was the first person to develop a theory about the significance of early attachments between caregive…
Maybo are national leaders in the field of conflict management and physical intervention. As accredited Maybo Tutors, we offer a wide range of training to build the understanding, skills and confidence of staff working in situations where challengin…
Date: 18/11/17
Where: online
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Courageous Conversations Understand what is meant by a ‘courageous conversation’ Gain tips and advice on how to hold these conversations in the most effective way Explore what it is like to be in the parent's shoes Discover how effectively to manag…
Education, Health and Care Plans   Improve confidence levels about Education, Health and Care Plans  Learn about legislation linked to Education, Health and Care Plans Increase your (and your staff's) knowledge and understanding of the education hea…
This course will explore the importance of engaging parents in their children's play and learning and consider strategies for effectively engaging parents.   Length of course 1/2 day.   Who should attend? Suitable for anyone working with parents, ca…
A rolling programme of Work with Parents modules at Level 3 and 4 is available.   You can attend these as separate workshops or with the completion of additional tasks you can build an electronic portfolio of evidence to gain the relevant qualificat…
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