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Floorbooks and the Brain

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Event Date: multiple
Provider: Mindstretchers
Location: Online

This course covers neuroscience, how our brains learn and how important integration of learning is for young children to create a deep level of assimilated knowledge that they need in order to keep that long term memory throughout their lives.

Learn why our brains get so excited by Floorbooks and how all the senses become involved in the Floorbook experience.

How long does a Floorbook last?

Is it better to focus on coverage of topics rather than depth?

Learn about the importance of real-life experiences for children and how to value the power of oracy and the written word in helping us embed memories and learning.

The course lasts approximately 1 Hour.

Video presentations from Claire Warden
Child observations
A deeper understanding of Floorbooks
Inspirational quotes
6 weeks access to the course

Once you have signed up for the course, the online training will be available for 6 weeks for you to revisit anytime.

For further details, please follow this link

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