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Physical Intervention and Managing Challenging Behaviour - The Maybo Approach

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Provider: Southampton LA
Location: Southampton

Maybo are national leaders in the field of conflict management and physical intervention. As accredited Maybo Tutors, we offer a wide range of training to build the understanding, skills and confidence of staff working in situations where challenging behaviour may occur and physical intervention may be necessary.

Maybo have developed a range of British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accredited training programmes that build on the skills and experience staff already have, to give them greater confidence and strategies to reduce and manage problem behaviours in a way that promotes positive values and relationships. Training staff is a vital ingredient needed to safeguard pupils and support positive learning environments and needs to be based on principles that promote good policies and positive values.



We will work closely with the Senior Management Team by conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ensure that your staff get the level of training they need based on the risks they face, the role they perform and needs of the children and young people they support.



Refresher training is recommended at 12 month intervals.



Length of course



1, 2 or 3 days, depending on organisational need.



Who should attend?



The range of Physical Intervention training that we offer is highly relevant for any one working with children or young people with challenging behaviour.


Additional information



The Maybo courses are tailored to the unique needs of each school/organisation in this complex area. Therefore a Maybo trainer/specialist educational psychologist will come out to your school/organisation to conduct a detailed TNA. Depending on your needs, they will recommend, in discussion with you, whether a 1, 2 or 3 day course is appropriate. The vast majority of needs can be met by a 1 or 2 day course; the 3 day course is usually required for organisations such as residential children’s homes (Social Care).


This is a BILD accredited course therefore you will receive a certificate and have access to the Maybo website www.maybo.co.uk which provides a wealth of information in the area.



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