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Event Date: multiple
Provider: Mindstretchers
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This online course can support the following training courses: Risky Play, The Importance of Play, Nature Kindergartens, Pre-birth to three: Nurture through Nature, Forest School Training, Nature Pedagogy and Nature & the Brain.

An exploration of the benefits of risk in learning in Early Years

Risk It is a training course to support practitioners in creating a positive learning environment that enables kinaesthetic children to thrive.

Research has shown that the well being and involvement of children increases with the introduction of creative, risky and challenging opportunities.

In this course we will demonstrate how you can support children to be self risk assessors who are resilient and thoughtful about their own personal safety, and who can make choices about what risks to take.

We will give you the tools to balance the risk and the benefit of an activity and where necessary, create procedures so that a more balanced approach can be taken to risk.

We'll share ideas for creating rich learning environments that are based on exploration and risk to enhance the well being and involvement of your children.

The course lasts approximately 1 Hour.

Video presentations from Claire Warden
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Child Observations
Download risk assessment form
Self-assessment quiz
6 weeks access to the course
Once you have signed up for the course, the online training will be available for 6 weeks for you to revisit anytime.

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