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Event Date: multiple
Provider: Mindstretchers
Location: Online

Gain a deeper understanding of how Floorbooks help us consult children and record their learning.

This course will cover:

  • Different types of talk and how to include them in Floorbooks.
  • The link between oracy and the written word.
  • Dialect and the importance of sharing children's thinking in their own words.
  • How to create inclusive discussions using Floorbooks.
  • Recording non-verbal observations using Floorbooks and Talking Tubs.
  • When to Talk?
  • How to use a Talkaround Mat.
  • How to encourage talk by affirming behaviour.

The course lasts approximately 1 Hour.

Video presentations from Claire Warden
Child observations
A deeper understanding of Floorbooks
Inspirational quotes
6 weeks access to the course

Once you have signed up for the course, the online training will be available for 6 weeks for you to revisit anytime.

For further details pleae follow this link

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