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Event Date: multiple
Provider: Mindstretchers
Location: Online

This inspirational training course examines the place of consultation in education and how it can impact upon the planning process.

Floorbooks are blank books where we can record children's voices and their ideas to use in our planning. Group writing in a Floorbook allows shared thinking as children recall each others ideas and record them through writing, diagrams and photographs. This child centred approach records the evidence of the process of play and the learning that comes from it.

Claire Warden created "Talking and Thinking" Floorbooks to encourage thinking skills through talking together in a group so that children are consulted and influence the learning taking place.

  • Learn how to use big books to consult children in the planning process.
  • Ideas on how to encourage sharing of knowledge and communication techniques.
  • Stratgies that support adults to listen to children's ideas.
  • Identify action points to increase the participation of children in planning.
  • Introduce a range of consultation techniques which promote the use of children’s ideas in developing a planning framework linked to the curriculum.

The course lasts approximately 1 hour

Video presentations from Claire Warden

Child Observations

Image gallery

6 weeks access to the course.

Once you have signed up for the course, the online training will be available for 6 weeks for you to revisit anytime.

For further details please follow this link

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