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  1. Dear all As you know we have been using this document as the basis of this piece: Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 12 steps to take now [ ICO. V.20 201700525] The original posts have got mingled in with other conversations in this forum area so for ease in case you wanted to refer to something quickly here is the list with links to the posts: (#1 of 12) - Awareness (#2 of 12) - Information you hold (#3 of 12) - Communicating privacy information (#4 of 12) - Individuals’ rights (#5 of 12) - Subject access requests (#6 of 12) - Lawful basis for processing personal data (#7 of 12) - Consent (#8 of 12) - Children (#9 of 12) - Data breaches (#10 of 12) - Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments (#11 of 12) - Data Protection Officers (#12 of 12) - International Best wishes, Sue Admin Team
  2. SEND assessment system

    Hi CastleNursery Yes we will ping them over for you. Sue Admin Team
  3. General GDPR thoughts and ideas

    Visitors books were discussed in this thread
  4. GDPR resources

    Hi RCN We have now updated the privacy notice and you can find it from here with a brief explanation of the changes we have made
  5. GDPR resources

    Hi AncasterVillageNursery We have all sorts of information in our resource library here There is a document about retention although it is by the PLA and from 2013 You could always ask your local authority if they have their own guidance they can share with you as well. Best wishes, Sue Admin Team
  6. GDPR resources

    Hi RCN Just to let you know that we have taken down the current version as we are in the process of updating it. As soon as this has been done we will upload it again. Sue Admin Team
  7. Allow staff to baby sit

    Hi I did a quick search and found this discussion but it dates from 2013 so things might have changed a bit, having said that it makes some very valid points and things to think about Sue Admin Team
  8. SEND assessment system

    Hi I have sent over a copy to the email address you used to register your FSF account with Sue Admin Team
  9. SEND assessment system

    Hi Sally I have just sent an email over with the document attached Sue Admin Team
  10. STAFF

    Please do feel free to advertise in our vacancies area here The vacancies area is visible to all visitors to the site not just members so it does get a good flow of traffic. Good luck with your quest
  11. This wonderful behaviour has earnt you +1 credit and I will allow the use of the C word once prior to the 24th December by way of special treat....use it wisely! As usual cake, pudding, gift, tinsel etc are permitted to be used all year round
  12. We had a parent donate some old rolls of paper so we rolled it out on the table top (sellotaped it on the underside to keep it from moving) and let them loose with art supplies - good fun if a little old school lol
  13. Just to say if you are working in the London Borough of Barnet then membership of the forum is free to you, to find out how to join for free just click here for details Sue Admin Team
  14. As you are aware, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law comes into effect on 25th May 2018. We have prepared some resources to help you, you can find them here. So that we can ensure our own compliance with GDPR it is vital you keep your contact email address updated. This will enable us to help you with any forum account issues. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support if requests come from email addresses not on the account as the primary account holder or alternative contact (see below). To help you make sure your details are up to date, let me show you how to check your current information and how to make any changes required. When you sign into your forum account you will see your username in the top right-hand corner of the page like this: Next to your username is a drop down icon, select this, from the drop down menu click on 'Account Settings' to be shown the page below: Please take a few minutes to check that the 'Email address' listed is correct and if it is no longer current please update it immediately. While on this page, please check your 'Personal Information' and update if necessary. If you are a school account it might be set up in the name of a member of staff who has now left so please update accordingly. Then take a quick look at the 'Postal Address' to make sure this is correct. Unless this is a personal account we strongly recommend you use the school or setting address especially if you then purchase a Tapestry subscription linked to the school/setting. You can update the address for your invoices here. Lastly, there is an option for 'Alternative Contacts' where you can see if any alternative contacts have been added. The reason you might have an alternative contact added to your account is so they can assist with invoices (many schools ask for their finance officer to be added). Any alternative contact will also be able to use the 'support ticket' system and so will be able to ask for help if they need it. If you would like an alternative contact to be added, you will need to email us from the email address registered to your FSF account and we can get them set up. If you have any questions regarding your account details please get in touch (customer.service@eyfs.info) and let us know. Please remember that if the email address you are contacting us from does not match the one on the account we will have to go through other security measures to check you are entitled to information about that account.
  15. Hi Mother_Goose I have hopefully sorted out the link to the document so please try again It is really helpful to be set up so you receive notifications to your posts or to topics you want to follow out of interest so in order to set them up just go here at the top of the screen by your username and then select the bell icon as shown below: Select 'Notification Settings' and then you can decide on email notifications or online ones....whichever you prefer Hope that all helps