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Early Years educator Richard Waite looks back on a long - and ongoing - career in the early years. 
Early years educator Sarah Holmes reflects on how we can use 'third spaces' to rethink home visits.
Author Hannah Peckham shares her reflections on how books can support children's emotional literacy. 
Alicia Wilkins, a mother who has also been a teacher and a home nursery educator, shares her reflections on the transition from home to early years setting for a parent/carer. 
Emma Davis reflects on why offering 'challenge' to children in the early years is so important, and what educators need to consider to support this. 

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For over ten years the FSF has been a platform for a passionate and vibrant community of EYFS professionals, including nursery practitioners, childminders, reception teachers, advisers and consultants, and educators and writers.
We're proud of the quality of our conversation and support here, and our ethos (exemplified by the Lessons from Geese video) of courtesy and mutual respect, even while arguing from very different points of view.

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I have been thinking a lot about childhood recently. Children are finding ways to be children in a world that is evolving all the time. At the same time, the struggles that many children face remain the same throughout history: oppression, prejudic…

CPD in a podcast

The world is filled with uncertainty, educators are on the frontline, and anxiety is a familiar feeling for everyone. When everything around us is wobbling, it can be hard to concentrate, to reach beyond the things we have to do each day, to do any…

‘A revolution in childcare’?

The government’s own news item on the recent Spring Budget opened with the words ‘A revolution in childcare’. Here we take the Chancellor’s announcements and suggest 5 revolutionary ideas. 1.       Putting children at the centre The politi…

Maths to 18?

Maths to 18 will equip young people with the quantitative and statistical skills that they will need for the jobs of today and the future. This includes having the right skills to feel confident with finances in later life, including finding …

A reflection on sensory food play

Food. One of the most important parts of growing and surviving as a human. Our relationship with food begins from a very young age, watching those around us carefully as they move this mysterious substance towards their mouths and then open and cl…

If we needed another reminder of the importance of the early years…

It seems timely, as we begin another new learning year, to reflect on the link between the early stages of a child’s learning and the impact this can have on their outcomes as school leavers at 16. Here we bring together a research report, a surve…
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FSF articles and podcasts In our March article, educator and researcher Sarah Holmes shares her experience of exploring spaces ‘in-between’ homes and settings as places to begin to connect and build relationships with children and families. You…
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