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Rumble in the Jungle


Lots of jungle songs

Walking through the jungle

never smile at a crocodile

5 naughty monkeys

down by the river where nobody goes

mud mud glorious mud


we have a jungle safari role play pack with pith helmets compasses maps binoculars twig pencils etc the children love


animal camouflage


descriptive writing words to describe animals

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You could use the book 'Walking Through the Jungle' by Julie Lacome as a stimulus. You could act out what it must be like to walk through the jungle which might involve much clambering over imaginary tree trunks and hacking through vines. You could wade through rivers, get bitten by bugs, spot butterflies and parrots and occasionally step in something disgusting!


How about a big jungle display where the children make jungle animals using paper plates as a base? The children could mix shades of green and paint big leaf shapes. Then the children could take each others' pictures in front of a hedge or something. Each child decides on the face they want to be showing as they walk through the jungle: some are brave, some are scared, some can smell something nasty. They each then write a speech bubble to accompany their picture. These are then put on the display, peeking out from between the leaves. The children could look at patterns on snakes and use cotton buds and matchsticks to design their own snakes.


Look at a globe and find out that there are jungles in different places around the world and try some products that come from the jungle/rainforests: cocoa, coffee, sugar, vanilla, pineapple etc. Or how about a virtual jungle tour www.christiananswers.net/kids/sounds.html too?


You could look at how cultures differ from our own and look at how some people live in the jungle. You could admire the way some people paint their faces and make up their own dances. You could then split up into different tribes and decorate your faces wih face paints (the dotty tribe, the zig-zag tribe, the spirals...) and devise your own dances.

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And it is a good moment to clarify that certain animals don't belong to the jungle (lion, giraffe, gazelle, etc). I wonder :o how did the frase "the king of the jungle", refering to the lion, originated.

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I love the songs from Disneys 'Jungle book' :o


Oh I'm the king of the swingers, oh, the jungle VIP, I've reached the top and had to stop and thats whats bothering me...



Guess what I had to watch over and over and over... when my lads were little xD

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