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Is anyone or has anyone done a topic on minibeasts? I am struggling to sort out my planning. If anyone has any plans that they could share ie medium term plans, activity plans anything to guide me in the right direction.

Thanks in anticipation.

Jo xx

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Guest Wolfie

Hi Joanne - try a forum search, I'm pretty sure that you'll find lots of ideas that have been suggested in the past.

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Hi Jo

We are doing minibeasts as our topic this term, we have focused on 2 minibeasts each week, the actual planning documentation is not mine to share, but I can tell you that the cbbc website had some good stuff and if you get any books out of the library do not look at the while eating your lunch as some of the pictures are very graphic.

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Hi Phil!


Just wanted to say welcome to the forum, as I noticed that you have made your first post!


Haven't got any ideas at the moment (I'm in the middle of planning for next week xD ) but I will watch this thread with interest as this is our theme for next term.


Other than the obvious growing butterflies, digging for minibeasts, providing magnifying glasses for children to explore them for themselves, I can't think of anything else either, so I'm looking forward to seeing what others have <cheeky smilie> :o

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Hi Clare


Thanks for the welcome.


I spent some time cutting out snail shapes for painting today, but the feelers began to drive me mad after a while, worms were much easier to cut.

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Phil - welcome from me too. Good luck with the cutting out :o


Yes - a forum search will definitely bring up lots of ideas - infact I believe there were some posts about this recently

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Hi and welcome


We have just bought a tub of measuring worms (tiny, small, medium and long ones) from Insectlore. They seem popular with the children, keep turning up everywhere. Handed them round at circle time, talking about size, colour, sang 'there's a worm at the bottom of my garden' with actions! Children were very interested and involved. There's also the well known poem by Spike Milligan. I just did a forum search for the words. Links into planting our sunflower seeds (worms underground).

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Here are some ideas we have done:

Making spiders from balls of newspaper and adding legs

Making a spiders web from art straws

Making up minibeast poems

pond for water tray

Story of creation

Favourite minibeast drawings etc

Minibeast hunts around school grounds

Habitats - make a habitat for minibeast (eg woodlouse = darkness, underneath logs etc)

counting ladybird spots, insect legs etc

life cycles of frogs, butterflies etc

minibeast area (tuff spot with soil, insects, bark etc)

investigation boxes (cardboard boxes with holes in front, put on outside labels of what should be in box, leave out insects for children to put in right box)

clay minibeasts

butterflys (patterns symetry etc)

guess the minibeast - child to act out minibeast rest of class to guess

observation area - stick insects, ant farm, worm farm etc

Mind has gone blank now

Hope this gives you some ideas....


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Haven't got the website but try searching for Norfolk Foundation stage planning for Medium term planning on Mini beasts and also look on Sparkle box gallery for some good ideas for art and display

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Hello to Phil and Ruth, you both snuck in very quietly there. :oxD


Jo, have you grown caterpillars? I've recently released mine to the wilds. I bought them from the ed show at the NEC. £5 for a tub of 5 but theres loads more you can buy. Follow this link for their web site insects :(

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Loads of nice things for minibeasts at: Communication 4 All.


These were my simple plans for the past 3 weeks. They are not sofisticated. Our Head of Primary trusts in us xD and knows we will deliver well without having to enter into much paperwork :( .














Please keep in mind that what is in the planning is mainly what is teacher initiated, yet there is full freedom for them to create or do in the different areas/corners of the classroom or their outside play :o .

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