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Advice Needed - New Staff Not Turning Up


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Hi everyone


I had taken on a new member of staff who was due to start today, unfortunately she didn't turn up :o


Now this has happened before on a few occasions and to be honest i am never really sure until they knock on the door whether anyone will turn up nowadays!


But i felt differently about this person, she was so excited about the position being offered and was really looking forward to starting, i too was looking forward to her starting too! I was so disappointed, i had put a lot of work into personalising an induction for her and prepared all the staff / children / parents.


I have tried phoning her today on several occasions but she has not answered the phone, i only have a mobile number and there is no voicemail so i cannot leave a message.


I really would like the opportunity to speak to her to find out why and also to let her know that i would be happy to re-negotiate if that is the problem.


Do you think it would be ok to send a text, i know its not that proffesional but i feel sending a letter may take too long. Also i'm really sure of how to word it.


I would be really grateful for any advice as i will probably be texting her within the next hour or so.


Many Thanks

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gosh how awful, am sorry but whatever the reason or ecuse should have rung you.... all my staff have to ring by 7.30 am if they are not coming in so that i have the chance to arrasnge cover and they always do .....

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What a difficult situation! You really need to know one way or another so that you can work out what to do - there is nothing worse than being left in limbo, is there. There is always the chance that she has a good reason for not turning up I suppose, and until you speak to her you won't know what it is. Even if she is not coming to work for you, it would be good to know why so that you can rectify that for another time.

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Although not usual, if only way to contact is text I would try it.... perhaps asking her to contact you offering the choice of reply/ reason for not arriving by text if she feels unsure or worried about it... some people find it hard to tralk but may well reply to text by text.

I would probably write a letter as well. No certainty of reply from any though.



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Guest Wolfie

I agree with Inge, try texting, some people feel more comfortable with that than actually speaking and it may mean that you hear from her rather than not hear from her!

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Thanks for all your replies.


Well i have just texted her saying could she inform me if she doesn't intend to take the position so i can make alternative arrangements. I also said i was disappointed as i felt she would be a great asset to to the team. I welcomed her to phone or text me back to discuss anything.


So i'll just wait and see now.


Its such a shame, i really did have high hopes for this one!

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This has happened to me twice, the first time the girl didnt come back, but we did contact her college to find out what happened, turned out her mate couldnt come too, so we gave her a miss. Second time though, the girl was genuinely ill and very embarrased and upset, her mum rang after a few days, bless, and explained. She started with us a fresh and we havent looked back. Shes had one day off in the last 6 months, and to be honest in this job, one stomach bug is a miracle.


Just go with your gut feeling!


I think a text is ok so long as its not to sack someone :o

It is the new form of communication anyway, and only the same as leaving a voicemail. We only have one restriction when using texting with our staff which is that any changes to the rota or absence must be confirmed by phone or in person also. So I will happily accept a heads up that someone will not be in the next day at 11pm in text (normally dont see it till morning anyways) so long as they still phone in before their shift, or at the latest legally by 11am.


Good Luck!!

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