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E-learning Credits?


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Hi ,

Have just read this months Nursery Education and there is an article about spending your E-learners credits. As we have aquired a computer and desperatly need software I am eager to learn more. Apparantly all funded nurseries are eligable to receive these credits to spend and quite a generous amount.We have not received anything and wondered wether anyone knew anything about them or where we could get them(the article hasnt a contact unfortunatly)Thankyou


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I have absolutely no idea what these E-learning credits are. I called my local county council, they had no idea what they were either, they suggested that every county council operates differently. Any more info would be appreciated as we are always looking for ways to generate more money for our pre-school. :)



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Hi -


E-learning credits, just to give a quick summary, are given to certain educational settings to purchase online resources. They have to be specifically for the children in the setting (eg an educational game for children would be eligible, but software to help the staff carry out planning would not be) and they have to be digital in nature - (eg an educational piece of software that children use to learn about counting would be eligible to purchase, but a climbing frame or a book would not be).


E-learning credits used to be available only to schools, including reception classes, so they were applicable to these foundation stage settings.


Recently this access was extended to nursery/pre-school settings which were attached to primary schools - maintained settings.


I believe there has been some talk about extending the provision again into private and not for profit settings, but I'm pretty sure it's only at the talking stage. Might be wrong, but I'll find out over the next couple of days and let you know.


Rest assured that if any announcement is made I will be sure to feature it prominently in the news section here! :)

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