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Does anyone have any planning for this topic I could share. The children are age 3-4 and currently some in daycare.

We share a room with a foundation unit who are doing Mighty Beasts after Easter so anything in this area would be wonderful.



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a couple of plans I'm using this week..


KU1, 2, 3, 4 9, 10,

Small world minibeast hunt


Tuff Spot, magnifying glasses, telescope, clipboards, pencils. Paper, laminated numbers, shredded green paper, large, pebbles, gravel moss, shells, spider plant





Butterfly lifecycle models



Is able to discuss investigations using appropriate language and make some predictions

Can show care an respect for living things

Is aware of local surroundings and the natural world

Can investigate how objects change and work

Uses some appropriate language, and comments, asking questions about the natural world




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Hmm it's hard to find it from the link, but if you type "bad tempered ladybird" into google you will find the document. It originates from Sciencematters and was contributed to the teaching ideas web site.

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