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Ofsted inspectors came to register the nursery, they now want us to calculate the space ratio to establish how many children they can register us for, l am not good with converting sq metres to foot and figures. i know the ratio per child under 2 is 3.5,sq m over 2 2.5 , 3 is 2.3.


Any mathematical genuis, your help would be most appreciated sample guidance would be most appreciated


thank you


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It's not that hard to do if you have a long tape measure....


You need to draw a plan of the room(s) then measure each wall in metres and centimetres.

Multiply one wall length by the other (assuming you have a proper square/rectangle) if not, make the large space into a rectangle, then measure the left over space and add the two together. (remember measuring odd shaped spaces in maths at school?)

If anything is 'fixed' i.e. cannot be moved, it will need to be measured and taken off the final measurements (sinks, bookshelves, storage)

You will then have a 'total available floor space' square metre figure.

All you have to do is then divide this figure by the figure for the 'metres per child' for the age group that are going to be in that room....

I have done a quick plan with not to scale measurements and grey 'fixed' objects - I hope that this makes sense and offers some help...?

RB x


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ello again


I cannot thank you enough for your fast responses, I was under the impression that they will Provide the numbers and measurement, this inspector just could not be bother. Bunny I cannot download the example and thank you.


Thanks again.

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