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I'm not sure about unions and union membership. What benefits would we gain in our everday working?


A proper professional organisation for early years workers could be a step forward, maybe, for all of us.


All other professions have something - why not us?


The Foundation Stage Site is as near as we have! All thanks to Steve and Helen and everyone else!




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I am a nursery school teacher and I am with the NUT (with whom I have had recent successful dealings). The nursery nurses at our setting are with Unison.


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I work in a full daycare setting and most of us are with MSF union which is now Amicus, they have been very supportive of us in the past. WELL Worth thinking about.


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Hi all, there is a professional body you can belong to

PANN is affiliated to PAT (Professional Association of Nursery Nurses, Professional Association of Teachers).

Do look at the website www.pat.org.uk

It is quite expensive but there is lots of support and advice if you have a problem. Sometimes its useful to have people to represent you professionally.

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i am in Unison

I was bit by a dog on a home visit and the Union fought my case through their solicitor at no cost to me, also they do a fantastic reduction on car and home insurance - if you ring liverpool victoria/frizzel for a quote and tell them you're a unison member you get a big reduction for yourself and family.

IE My son is a new driver and fully comprehensive price for a FORD KA was £1035 which is very competetive


My insurance is about £22 a month 02 registered Nissan Almera

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I am a teacher in a primary school. My class consists of 30 children made up of 9 reception, 10 year ones and 11 year twos. I juggle mainly between getting my reception to read, amongst other things of course, and getting my year 2's ready for SATS!! A friend and myself are keen to put together a case on work overload with particular reference to the foundation stage. If anyone out there would like to help us please get in touch. I'm already realising how despondant foundation stage people are getting by reading the letters in the forum. This is a good basis to start on. Keep posting your worries and concerns. I don't know another year group that works so hard or ticks so many boxes providing so much evidence in a primary school. wh Dont they trust us? We need to get the fun back into teaching. It's time to put a stop to all this rubbish. What do you think?

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