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We got all goods in the report yeah some really lovely comments like


children are busy interested and happy

staff are highly skilled and engage in purposeful interactions with the children

the planning stems from the childrens interests and is meaningful to them

the children are confident and express their feelings freely

the children have a positive self image and high self esteem

staff take pride in their work and in the childrens progress and development

staff and children treat each other with care and respect

the leadership and management is a good role models and has a clear vision of for the setting with a strong focus on the personal development and achievements of all the children




to develop opportuniyies for imaginative role play

to provide further opportunities for the children to write for a purpose


so pleased and so proud of the staff and myself

x jojom x

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Well done Jojom-those are lovely comments. You deserve to be very pleased.

Just wish they would arrive at pre-school so we can get it done with! I know they are in the Stockport area doing the private and voluntary sector so it might just happen soon.


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thanks everyone for your kind words, Linda i know that another nursery in stockport was inspected shortly after we were, when was your last inspection? are they due any day?

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Hi Jojom

We were last inspected in November 2003 so we should be about due. I know that there have been several inspections in the Stockport area recently-I hope ours is soon as I just want to get it over and done with.


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Well done to you all - we are also expecting another inspection - still would like to get a few bits done before they visit but cannot do everything - like Linda - just want it over and done with - every time a strange car turns up in the car park we all look at each other and think is this our day. Mornings always seem a bit tense.


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