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Five Little Snowmen

Guest Wolfie

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my children love the version that goes with this IWb activity from the very brilliant Priory woods.

The words are something like

5 little snowmen standing in a line

1 2 3 4 5 so fine

melt in the sunshine with a sigh

we'll see you next year bye bye


then the numbers bit goes 1234 sh so fine

123 sh sh so fine



priory woods

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Duh, LOL,


Just realised this is not a counting rhyme :o but it is a snowman one hee hee :D



5 Little snowman round and fat,

here's my scarf and here's my hat (point to scarf and hat)

When you see the snowflakes here me say (hold fingers high and

wiggle downwards as if snowflakes falling)

come and build a snowman every day (can replace everyday to christmas day)

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Only one snowman but my children love this.


once there was a snowman, a snowman,snowman.

Once there was a snowman tall,tall,tall,

in the sun he melted, melted,melted

in the sun he melted, small, small, small

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The Five Little Snowmen song is also on the Tweenies website and is great to use with a WB, our children love it. (Makes us sound grander than we are :o - we don't have an IWB only a computer, projector & screen - but it works well for this kind of activity!!!)

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Wow, that's brilliant thanks! So many to choose from! :)

We have various snowmen rhymes in our setting, here's 3.


( 5 little monkeys bouncing on the bed)

Five children stand in a line jumping, in turn each one falls down (carefully)


5 little snowmen jumping in the snow,

One fell down and broke his toe,

Mummy called the doctor, the doctor said "no more snowmen jumping in the snow."

Four little snowmen etc..... down to;

One little snowman jumping in the snow he fell down and broke his toe,

mummy called the doctor, the doctor said " Now there's no more snowmen can jump in the snow"


(I'm a little teapot)

All children standing


I'm a little snowman short and fat. Here's my scarf (children wiggle fingers in front of neck)and heres my hat. (touch head) When the snow is falling (wiggle fingers downwards)hear me shout (children cup hands to mouth) I'm only here 'til the sun comes out. (children melt to ground)


(Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn around, children do actions)

All children standing


Snowman, snowman turn around. Snowman, snowman touch the ground. Snowman snowman cold as ice (hug self and shiver) Snowman, snowman you're so nice (point to mouth and smile) Snowman, snowman show your tie(wriggle fingers in front of neck) Snowman, snowman wave goodbye (all children wave)


Have fun


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