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What would you say are the 44 phonemes mentioned in phase 3 in the lit strategy. Am ashamed to say couldn't work it out, either came up with more or less!

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi seasrched and found this

/a/ mat /g/ gate, egg, ghost

/ae/ ape, baby, rain, steak, eight /h/ hat, whole

/air/ hair, square, bear /j/ jet, giant, cage, bridge

/ar/ jar, fast /l/ lip, bell, sample, pupil

/e/ peg, bread, said, friend /m/ man, hammer, comb

/ee/ sweet, me, beach, pony /n/ nut, dinner, knee, gnat, gone

/i/ pig, wanted, cygnet /ng/ ring, sink

/ie/ kite, wild, light, fly /p/ pan, happy

/o/ log, want, because /kw/ queen

/oe/ bone, soul, boat, snow, though /r/ rat, cherry, write

/oi/ coin, boy /s/ sun, dress, house, city, mince

/oo/ book, would, put /sh/ ship, mission, station, chef

/oo/ moon. soup, do /t/ tap, letter, debt,

/or/ fork, ball, sauce, law /th/ thrush

/ow/ down, house /th/ that

/u/ plug, glove, tough /v/ vet, sleeve

/ur/ burn, person, work, first /w/ wet, wheel, penguin

/ue/ (y-oo) cue, you, fuse, mew /x/ (k-s/g-z) box exist

/b/ boy, rabbit /y/ yes

/c/k/ cat /key, duck, school, unique /z/ zip, fizz, sneeze, is, cheese

/ch/ chip, watch /zh/ treasure, Asia, azure,

/d/ dog, ladder, rubbed /uh/(schwa) button, the, computer

/f/ fish, coffee, photo, rough





What does schwa mean? anyone?


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The schwa is the "uh" sound that people often put on to the end of letter sounds i.e. suh, instead of sss when sounding out the letter S

Does that make sense?

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these are the 44 phonemes (as detailed by the PNS)



/b/ /d/ /f/ /g/ /h/ /j/ /k/ /m/ /n/ /p/ /r/ /s/ /t/ /v/ /w/ /wh/ /y/ /z/ /th/ /th/ /ch/ /sh/ /zh/ /ng/ /a/ /e/ /i/ /o/ /u/ /ae/ /ee/ /ie/ /oe/ /ue/ /oo/ /ar/ /ur/ /or/ /au/ /er/ /ow/ /oi/ /air/ /ear/


it isn't the graphemes so isn't the 26 letters of the alphabet, because /c/ for example could be represented by 2 phonemes, /s/ and /k/ so only the latter are there and not c.

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Genius :D and seeing as we're in a sharing mood...


I made this a while ago for the children who know all the blends (diagraphs). This is where we take them next.


Hi Paul,


Thanks for sharing your download (also thanks to Marion)... but I don't know why I can't understand the title :o . Is it only me?

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Now we have the Resource Library it would be really good if Marion and paulparkie could add the super phonic sheet resources to that. If moderators move them then it would mean that your authorship and hard work will not be acknowleged, which is a shame. We must just make sure when we add something that we are not infringing someone elses copyright. At the moment it looks like a Steve and jacquieL venture, so would be great for it to start filling up.


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