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Have I Done It?


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Just thought I'd try a few things


Like change of font, itallics, underlining, bold, font size, and even colour . . .




WOW (oops, forgot to change colour and font back, sorry - )


Hey might even try to add a link to something


Early Years bits and pieces






Has this worked????




sorry if this is a really boring post to all you computer literate people out there - but to me it's like passing your driving test.


Thanks for putting up with me trying to find my way around.

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Mmmm - now you're setting me a challenge Kermit21, do you mean like this


Click here this should be a link to tell you how to do it.




If this actually works, I'm sending Inge and Steve virtual bouquet of flowers and box of choccies - enjoy!






OOOOOOoooooooooh - I think I've done it! :)

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Just wondering, still learning! how do you link to other forum pages if you want to direct people to a past discussion? Is it the same as linking to a website?

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yes identical, are we in for a large flurry of links? well done to all who have managed to learn the new skill....pity my seplling is never up to scratch.......who moved those keys?



dont I remember a spell check at some time which disappeararesd never to return?



Edited by Inge
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