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I'm sure I've probably asked this before - but if I have I can't remeber or find the answer . .

How do I include a link to a website when replying to a post on here?

I've just spent the last 15mins trying to do it and then keep losing my original post reply and have to type it out again .. . .

sorry .. .






manageds to do the avatar bit - but the hen should be moving . . . .?!

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use icon for insert link at top of post box.

(world with what looks like a parer clip to me!)

You will get a pop up , enter the URl for the web site, cut and paste it works well. then click Ok.

Another pop up allows you to enter a tiltle or phrase for the link, does not have to be the sitre name, your choice! click OK and it should add the link to the post hwere your cursor was so this can be mid or end post. I sometimes check by using the the preview post button to see if it worked .


sometimes if i 'lose' a post i can actually retieve it using the back button on the browser, does not always work but more often than not.



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Hi -

Inge's given you a good runthrough although the procedure is slightly different if you've set your editing preferences to 'Rich Text' in your My Controls panel.


(for those who haven't come across this, you can find it in 'board settings'. It allows you to edit your posts in a much more 'wysiwyg' way, ie if you colour your text you see it straight away and just highlight the text rather than put [/colour=] type of code in).


In this case (if you have selected the rich text editor) what you do is select the text you want to use to link to your webpage (eg. click here), then click the hyperlink icon: hl.gif


then paste your website address into it.


Hope that makes sense and doesn't confuse what Inge said. :)

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Hi, not 100% sure, but it could be that the file uses to many pixels.

When you choose a picture to use as an avatar it will normally say how large the file is i.e 98x80;

the maximum size you can use for an avatar is 100x100 so if your animation is larger it won't move, I think! I'm sure someone will put you right if I'm wrong. :o


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Thanks Steve, often wondered what to do with my hens when they came to the end of their lives - now I know?!

Thanks for the help - I'm not the worlds best at technology - it took me a lifetime before I'd even try a microwave - do you really know what/who you've taken on?

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Hi Steve


I think I've sent you the hen - dead or alive?


I really am wearing L plates on this computer - so if it doesn't arrive, who knows where it might be?



(just showing off my new Rich Text skills - hope you're suitably impressed!)




well maybe not - where did the 'font comic' bits appear from?

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Hmm. Not sure about the comic font stuff. Let's see what happens when I use the rich text editor:


How are we looking?


seems ok to me, unless it changes when I submit the post...


I got your gif file thanks. It seems to have lost its animation before you uploaded it - can you remember which site you got it from?



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I think I'll have to write the instructions down for hyperlinking! If you want to do hyperlinks and change fonts etc, can you only do this via the 'Add reply' option rather than 'fast reply'? Don't seem to have any options in the 'fast reply' box, so I'm presuming I need to spend time playing on the other reply version

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Could it be dead? :o

If you send the original file to me (deadhen@foundation-stage.info) I'll have a quick look to make sure it's still animated. :)


Glad to see all your house chaos hasn't made you lose your sense of humour. xD

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Thanks Carol -

I'm not sure it is humour - might just be hysteria. Besides which, my son's gerbil died a couple of days ago and that stopped moving too, so it seems to be a logical deduction...


Let's see what happens to this chicken:





Well that seems to work ok, so I've just emailed it back to you myhenroxanne. I think you downloaded the front page one, rather than the animated one.


(Although as someone who finds animated icons pretty horrible, I wonder if I should be doing this...)

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