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Does anyone have a sample copy of a risk assesment for taking children out in the hot weather that I could have a look at.


How frequently do staff redo or refer to the risk assessment?


Do all staff compile it, or sign it?



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We were open 24 -28th july -the heat wave! I can say from this experience we have learnt several things.

To down load weather forecast so we can plan for heat/storm or both together!

In using forecast we advised parents that we would be staying in the shade, having water freely available and encouraging water intake.

next year we will buy a gazebo.

I think the children also realised that although it was very sunny it wasnt actually fun being in it, they generally love being out side. It did help several children to actually focus attention on activities inside that they probally wouldnt have been interested in. I would also say that in the slower pace of things conversation was up. Can't put my finger on it but we all felt a sense of togetherness.

one of the good things we were able to do was spend time in the woods were it was cool.

But to your question, we do have a check list dont have it on this computer but it is a list of what we need to take, pouch first aid, mobiles more than one, water, rope(knotted length) sunscreen. We also have a check list before we go out who is with which child also we have a focus such as mini beast etc to guide children if necessary, we always take binoculars clip boards pens a blanket and reference book(birds, insects etc) it sounds alot but I usually carry it in over the shoulder bag so I have both hands free. We have never not used any of the things we've taken very helpful in keeping children focussed and interested. The blanket is a must they love sitting down and having a reference point from which to explore. I also take symbols to help children with what is happening next and a sand timer usually the 3 minute one for when its time to make our way back and symbol what activity they can expect when we get back this is usually something which motivates the leaving for!

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I like the idea of having an 'outdoors' bag with things you might need. Most places I've been to use the outdoors as a playground during lunch time, but rarely for anything else. Looks like I'll be in the pound shop again! :D:D Thanks for that sqpeg :D

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