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Cute Comment From A Child


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Yesterday at lunch time one of the children burped and said pardon me (very well mannered children we have :o ) the other little boy (who is well known as a 'troublesome one' (pardon the label) turned to the other child who had burped and said "well done for saying pardon, good girl, I don't have my pardon's with me today, they are in bed. But i do have my scus'mes" xD (we think he meant excuse me) bless him. This child then went on to ask all children at the table if they had there pardon's or there scus'mes with them.... and all the children actually understood what he was asking.....


sometimes i really love the kids i work with and their comments are so so funny at times :D


~ that comment certanly made me and my collegue chuckle



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Very cute!

Apparently one of our girls went home the other day and told her mum that A. L and V were piglets! Her mum asked if she meant triplets-apparently not, they are piglets!!!


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On Wednesday a little girl asked me to write her name. I did, sounding it out 'CH AR LOTTE'. She looked aghast, 'thats not my name, I'm Charlo' (silent tt's).


Not a child, well, maybe... While watching the world cup I was impressed at how far the goalies kick the ball and so asked my husband 'How far can you kick a ball?' His reply 'Where from?' Stunned silence and then :oxD:(:(:( :wacko:

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