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Hi, Skippy,

today at my pre-school, using the Take and Bake Buns recipe (from on the forum's resources page) we used flat bottomed ice cream cones instead of paper cases and it worked like a dream.The children liked measuring their own ingredients,mixing and filling the cones.You do need to make sure the spoons used are on the generous side and they really do puff out like ice cream cones!


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We did the peppermint cream recipe, from the forum, that worked great.

We also did bubble painting in red or yellow paint, cut these out, stuck to a piece of card, stuck the shape of a glass underneath added a straw, - milkshake collage - children made loads of these!!!!!!

Icing biscuits

muffin pizza's - muffins cut in half, tomato puree slection of toppings put in the oven 10 mins

made bread using a breadmaker

popcorn using popcorn maker

collage of food on a paperplate

cooked spaghetti mixed with food colouring in the water tray

drew letter shapes in custard, mash potato, with our finger

we also filled the water tray with jelly, mixed with raisins, kids thought it was great

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One of our foody days that went down really well was a follow up to baking bread........... we had a tasting day of breads from around the world (thank goodness for Sainsburys) Irish soda bread rye bread bagels brioche naan pitta etc the children wrote descriptions of the bread and made a chart of their favourites

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Talking of food- we harvested a courgette from a plant donated to us when we made a sensory garden last half term. I washed it and cut it up for the children and they all bar one had a try and asked for more. We are watching the tomatoes grow and watering them well and the grape vine has taken off too. Last year we made a shopping list for vegetable soup and went by mini bus to buy the ingredients from a local farm shop, and then made the soup,

We also cut up some salady pieces and made cheesy mash faces. The children made faces on top of the mash with the bits of salad We sang 1 potato 2 potato to go with it. This worked really well.

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such a large topic,



our favourite is to get parents involved and ask them to provide items the children really like eating for everyone to taste....


last week we had olives black and green, cheese, strawberries, melon, sausages, gingerbread men, cheese biscuits and a really lovely traditional biscuit which was mildly spiced made by one of the parents who comes from India. They were really tasty and mum is going to give us the receipe.


Last year a child brought in a roast chicken dinner including stuffing yorkshire pudding and gravy!!


we have also had Kofte, pizza and cereal at other times. I usually make latkes (potato pancakes)


its always interesting to see what comes in, we always have staff provide some too just in case parents do not but they are always pleased to be asked.



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We've just started a topic on Food after Christmas and after searching for resources I've added some links you might find useful too.






and for those of you who do MFL too here are some powerpoint resources:




PS I'm trying to find food related number lines but had no success -can anyone help?


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Thanks for all those great links kermit :D


When we were looking at healthy eating we had two large sheets of paper one with a happy face, one with a sad face. We then glued packets from childrens lunch boxes ( or wrote the item ie: sandwich & filling,) on the appropriate healthy or unhealthy sheet.


The results were easily visible for parents to see how healthy lunch boxes were ( OR NOT) without actually singling out any individual children. The children became very interested in what to choose for healthy eating :D



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