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Interesting Fs Document

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Thanks for that Rea, I found it. :D




I think I have seen it before, but long forgotten, that's the trouble, so many publications, scan read them then forget them. I think this will be a very useful re-read though.



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Hi Clare -

The download button opens up a pop-up window. If you have security software or if you run Firefox as a browser, it may be blocking the pop-up window. Have a look towards the top of your browser to see if it is telling you it's blocked a pop-up. You will usually get an option to allow the pop-up. :)

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Was just about to post on this..beat me to it rea... :D


had a cluster meeting yesterday and was given a copy by our Early years dept.


the hard copy includes a DVD to use to suppliment the book....not had a proper look yet but saw a few bits at the meeting..looks worth the cost if you have to buy it.



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