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Hi everyone!

Feel like I was somebody who had a great understanding of the EYFS and what I needed to do and have in place but since the changes I just feel like I'm struggling a lot, I tweak my curriculum regularly because it just doesn't flow right. Being on maternity leave as these changes were put in place didn't help.

Would love to see examples of some other settings curriculums from 0-5 just to compare to my own? 

Thank you! 

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Hi, I’ve been out of the loop a long time now - since 2015, so things have moved on.  From what I can see, there seems to be less of a focus on curriculum planning - other than your general, long term coverage of major festivals throughout the year.   
Possibly the fact that you’ve had no replies could suggest that everyone else is waiting to see the replies too! I do hope someone comes along soon.   In the meantime, have you looked at the fantastic podcast posts on here that mag help? 

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Hi riseandshine,

I can't take  the full credit for this as I'm pretty sure i found it online somewhere and slightly adapted for us.

From this document I made an even simpler one page display - and that was the only thing our inspecter looked at! (Nov 21) I can't find that one at the moment- but it literally said something like ...'we want our children to leave here ready to be  confident and highly motivated to learn when they start primary school' we then listed about three things- able to dress/feed themselves, happy to try new activies/experiences, and confident to ask adults for support when needed.

To be honest the one page thing was really for the staff as a prompt sheet- but the inspector seemed to like the clear simplicity of it.




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