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How to see a development overview spanning more than one half term


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Hi there,

I have been trialling a way of tracking ready for September, I have done 1 observation a couple of weeks after a child started at Easter where I have added the age band and refinement for an initial assessment (we don't do this for every observation we do any more as it was becoming too 'tick list' like), I have now done the same for an end of term assessment update, but I can't see how to now see a comparison on the same screen of how the child has developed, using the tracking section I can only see Summer term 1 or Summer term 2. I hope that makes sense! Is there a way to see it all on one screen please?

Thank you :)

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Hi, @mrsbat

It makes perfect sense! Allow me to explain a bit further. 

First of all, it sounds as if you are still using the old Development matters / EYFS system. - While we are still keeping all of this on Tapestry for the foreseeable future, it obviously becomes outdated this September with the implementation of the new EYFS and new Development Matters / Birth to 5 Matters guidance docs

Let me tell you a bit more about the new system we have developed for the new EYFS - (given what you said about tick-lists, I think you might like this way better!) 

Tapestry now makes greater use of the "flag" system for this updated framework and you can read more about how to enable it in this tutorial: 

Setting up EYFS 2021

In short, instead of selecting an area, then age band and then ticking off statements within that age band, you now only have the option to select the 'flag' that relates to that area of learning. You will also notice a section for reference material. This updates depending on the areas that you have selected, and if you have already selected a child, the age of the child will also determine which reference material you see first. This reference material section will show you information from both non-statutory guidance documents (Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters) as well as other helpful information from other sources. This means you can make the choice of which information to follow and help guide your practice.

This tutorial will help you understand how to use the new guidance in greater detail: 

Using the new EYFS 2021 framework

We have also released the 'Areas of Concern' screens and the 'Thoroughness' screens which work alongside these flags. 

EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Guided View)

EYFS 2021 - Areas of Concern (Group View)

EYFS 2021 - Thoroughness Screens

This forum post goes into more detail on the changes we have made and what this means for you, your setting and your provision.


All that being said, if you do want to carry on using the old age bands / refinements system, then the Age band tracker screen or the individual comparison screens would be best, based on what you are wanting to see :) 


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