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How do we get the policy up-dates from EYA now? since moving over to the new members portal, I am unable to to do this.  I e-mailed the EY in December and they sent me all the policies and their up-dates, so I was able to up-date all our policies.  But surely we should be able to access up-dates on the new systems, like we used to on the old one.  

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Hi DebBrad

Can I just make sure I understand your question so I can try and help.

Do you mean content from the Dept of Education for all things Early Years or are you talking about content from a local authority?

Which portal are you talking about?

Best wishes,


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SO just for clarity ...the early years alliance has created a portal for members. Most of us should have had log in details sent but they don't appear to have been sent to all. 

As many of us on here are members of the EYA  we have access to updates on publications but without the portal login we can't get on to the system. Like Debbrad i had also been trying to get on to get updates. I'm afraid i have had to email them....but still to no avail

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I checked last week on the site - AND managed to get the updates (there wasn't any after last summer I should add)

Howeve-r the other day I got another 'invite' to join the portal 😳.  I shall try again now and report back as to whether or not they have disappeared again.


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Checked, and my downwards are still there.

The latest up dates are still COVID-19 May 2020, and COVID-19 July 2020.

Debrad- I could possibly email you these two updates if you need them?  

Edited to add- just re-read your post Debrad and saw you had the updates in Dec.

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