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How to lead TEAM around meeting?


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make sure someone takes minutes 

get everyone to introduce themselves (and what they want to be called)

Call the Parents by their names (not mummy and daddy) 

I always ask the parents to tell us about their child first.(positives and difficulties)

Then i go around the circle in an appropriate order (depending on what needs to be discussed)

Have a list of things you need to cover (or write an agenda) so  this might be what is working now/what are we doing next? has everyone got therapy/meetings sessions organised ? how do you all keep in touch/what needs to be done first/next etc. don't be afraid to ask tricky questions (i have had a few difficult sessions with housing officers!!!) 

remember to keep the parents at the centre of what you are doing and that you are talking about their most precious child ...then you won't go wrong! xx

(i have to say this is how i do it.....but i'm not normal! 😄)

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Some great advice already.  I'd really try and celebrate the child's strengths and achievements - and discuss what these look like at home as well as nursery/school.  Ask parents what are the most important areas they would like to focus on in terms of next steps.  Ongoing communication is vital so i'd also discuss how this is going to look (home school book/Tapestry/daily chats at drop off/weekly phone call).


I would conclude by discussing how everyone involved at the meeting is going to contribute, and what the clear actions of the meeting are (as well as arranging the next meeting).


Happy to arrange a chat if it would be helpful - you can email me on stephen@eyfs.info

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