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Could anyone tell me how long it is that a parent receives notification of an observation? We are currently using this method as a daily write up with photos to tell parents about the child’s day. Some seem to get it straight away and others say they don’t get it till 5.00am the next day... the observations are not scheduled to go out at a specific time... I individually add each one around 4.30 the day the write up is done.

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Hi and welcome to the forum :-)

It might be worth checking what parents notifications are set to in the control panel, go to manage relatives and check there, it could be that some are set to immediate and some daily, the daily ones seems to go out in the early hours :-) 

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Hi Chelledam!

Mouseketeer is right that it's likely down to the notification settings your parents have set. 'Immediate' notifications go out as soon as you create the obs and would be the best option for your parents the moment. 'Daily' notifications usually go out late at night or early the next morning to take advantage of our servers being quieter.

It's not possible for you to see what notification settings each parent has set, you can only view and change the default notification settings for parents, and reset parents to those defaults. After you do that parents are free to change the notifications as they prefer.

To change the defaults please see this guide: Setting default notification preferences for relatives

Please note that some parents may not appreciate having their settings changed without prior consent.

If you'd like to advise parents on how to update their own notifications to immediate please see these this guide: Setting your own notification preferences

I hope that helps!

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