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when staff are logging into tapestry we sign in via the primary email and main password which takes them to the managers main account. Staff then choose their own account from the drop down menu and log in via their pin, but some staff are not using their own accounts and using the managers account to record information. Is there anyway that staff can sign in to their individual accounts without having to sign into the managers main account first?

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Hi Alice87,

Indeed, as Mousketeer says, you can set your staff up so they each have their own personal login details. This will stop them from having to log in to the manager account first, which, as you have experiences, comes with the risk of staff using the manager account instead.

To change your staff members' account type from PIN only to Full Staff, you'll need to go to control panel > manage staff > and then click on 'edit' by the staff you want to amend. Once here, click on the 'type' drop down menu at the very top, and change this from PIN only to Full Staff. This will then enable a section for you to type in their email address. This is the email address that they will use to log in. If your staff don't have a setting email address, then they will need to agree to use their personal ones. Once you have registered the email address, you will also need to assign them with a random password and then save. We also explain this here

Now that they are full staff members, and to regain access to Tapestry, they'll need to request a reset password email by:

1. Going to https://tapestryjournal.com/
2. Clicking "Having trouble logging in?"
3. Clicking the link in the "I've forgotten my password" section
4. Entering the email address that they have been set up with, and clicking "submit"
5. Checking their email (they may have to look in their spam/junk mail) - the email will be called "Tapestry Password Reset"
6. Clicking the link in the "Instructions" section of  the email
7. Filling in a new password and PIN on the form and clicking "Submit"

Alternatively, and if you made a note of the random password you set them up with, they will be able to log in to Tapestry and then go to their edit preferences section to change the password to something more memorable.

I hope this was helpful!

Best wishes, 


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