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How do parents of those children who leave us to go to school keep the information they have access to on their tapestry app. Will it always be accessible even when it is removed from our system or do they need to do something their end to keep hold of all the progress made throughout their time at nursery? 

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The easiest way is to allow the relatives to download the PDF of their child's journal: 

This tutorial will take you through the steps: Downloading journals to PDFs for staff and relatives

Once you have created the file, you can then delete the child from your account to make space for the next children. As long as the relative is still active, they will be able to access the file for the full 21 days it is available for. 

Before you do delete them though, please ensure that you have downloaded any summative assessment data and accident forms you require for your own records as these will be deleted when you remove the child. 

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