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Nursery fees whilst closed


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Anyone having problems with this month’s invoices?

This is my situation. I divide the fees over 11 months from the end Aug to end June. Because of us closing last Friday I decided that I will not continue to charge parents whilst we are closed but sent out final invoices as some parents were in arrears and because the invoice is split over 11 months their was some outstanding fees. 

So now I’m getting emails with parents withdrawing their child’s placements and  This means they can’t be added to head count next term😬 ( these are parents that have funded sessions and also added extra sessions) 

I also have parents saying they are reducing their child’s sessions down to just their funded hours (it states 4 weeks notice on contact so they can actually do this) 

I thought I was being nice not charging whilst closed!

Anyone else have problems? 

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Yes, same situation as you Anju- I sent my outstanding invoices out last week. Have only heard back so far from 1 parent (just to query the ref number on it) so hopefully they will all pay!. However we state on our Financial Contracts that we require 6 weeks notice ( or 4 weeks if they intend to reduce sessions ) and that holidays DO NOT  count towards a notice period. As we are open term time only and Easter holidays start next week they would not be able to do this to us. I made it quite clear that any monies we were asking for were for sessions they had already had.

I hope yours retract their notice- that is so mean- especially as you say you WERE being nice not charging whilst closed.  

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We sent a message to all parents last week saying that if their accounts were up to date, we wouldn't charge them during closure and would guarantee to retain their place and if their accounts were not up to date, we would be charging a retention fee. There was a scramble to pay luckily. We also asked for any who were on full salary during lockdown to consider continuing to pay for their place as a donation to support us whilst we are not getting income and quite a few have done so. 

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