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Sitting cross legged

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Hi I have always been told not to make young children sit cross legged on the carpet,as children’s development is unique to all and this could cause problems. 
I have just started at a new Nursery and the Teacher physically manhandles their legs to a cross legged position. 

I feel very uncomfortable with this because of what I have been told over the years. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I was always of the understanding that little boys cannot comfortably do this until a lot older, something to do with the hamstrings!  Regardless if that is right or not I personally think that this is very out of order. Surely to be able to concentrate, children  need to be comfortable.  I would question this practice, as long as a child is able to sit for a short while and listen why does it matter which position they are in? 

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we currently have two little ones who have to sit on chairs if i want them to concentrate for story as they are unable to 'hold' themselves on the floor . I agree with Zigzag in preschool (and actually i would say for the whole eyfs) it's not appropriate to force them to do this....what does she want them to do ? listen or sit ???

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