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Is it just me?


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14 hours ago, Mouseketeer said:

Uh no!  but i’ll go and check :-) 

edit: hang on what 3 dots in the corner? 

humm well if you're on a laptop (not mac) then you should have 3 dots at the top tab on the right hand side of the tabs (so on your computer not on the site) next to your id logo???


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52 minutes ago, Mouseketeer said:

I think it could be something to do with using the google browser, I noticed it Friday on the desk top and then on my home laptop yesterday, i’ll have a play with it tomorrow and look for the 3 dots :-) 

Mine still looks OK - but I might just be sitting with my laptop very close to me O.o

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Hi Mouseketeer, 

Well my eyesight isn't the best! But I've checked in with the product support team and I have been assured that the size of everything is the same. What we think has happened is that the zoom on your screen just needs resetting. If you look at your screen, at the top left (kind of in the search bar) you will see a magnifying glass. If you click on this you can set your zoom, or just click reset and that should take you back to normal size. 

I hope that does the trick! :)

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I've just had a play with the zoom on my screen and if you reset your zoom via the magnifying glass it will only change it for the screen you are on. 

I am now thinking of setting all my own screens so everything is bigger! :)

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