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Thank you!! This is the argument myself and a couple of other groups are having with our LA currently.

The children, for one reason or another, have all deferred their Reception year and yes are all going into Reception not Yr1.

The only answer I can get is the LA have a statutory duty to report to DfE where the child is at. They are saying we have to go to a moderation evening this week,

bringing a completed EYFS profile! Plus our evidence to back it up. I keep saying it's not appropriate, they are not in Reception and it's not what their parents want. LA say 

that it has to be done as children will be 5 by end of August- I did ask what happened to children who weren't at a setting- still waiting for an answer. Also waiting for an answer on who is going to pay us for the evenings moderation meeting. 

Honestly I'm livid over it- in 25 years this is the 2nd child that has deferred-  

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the problem is this is quite a new system and there are definitely issues. The IT system sets up an automated letter in our case (I got mine two weeks ago and had the same issues) I had however kept all the paperwork from the delay request last year in which I had asked our lea the question about profiles. The government says at the END of their reception year...they haven't done reception so how can you do their profile...I don't even have the profile to hand now...do you?

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this is the bit you need to quote from the profile handbook


4.2 Exceptions and exemptions The EYFS profile should be completed during the summer term of the academic year in which a child reaches age 5 unless:
• the Secretary of State for Education has granted an exemption6 from the profile for the setting or an individual child • the child is continuing in EYFS provision beyond the year in which they turn 5 • the child has attended the provision for an insufficient amount of time for the teacher to make an adequate assessment before the profile submission deadline • the child has spent a lengthy period of time away from the setting, for example due to illness or medical treatment
Practitioners should refer to the EYFS ARA for information about what is required in these circumstances.

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the child is continuing in EYFS provision beyond the year in which they turn 5

I had seen the above but as our child is 5 in July assumed it meant next academic year for him? Was I wrong? I do hope so.

I do have a profile (LA kindly sent a 19 page handbook for us to print) but no idea how to complete. There is also a lot in there about working with Yr1 staff etc, etc  

It's ludicrous, I'm assuming that at the end of Reception they will do it all over again. 

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I am the lead EYFS moderator in Bedford Borough. One of my roles is to contact all the preschools/nurseries etc that currently have reception aged children in their provision. I ask them whether the child is completing their reception year with the preschool or whether they have deferred their place. If the child is completing their reception year in the preschool, I visit and support the key person with completing the EYFS Profile. 

If the parents have deferred their school place, I check with school admissions that this is accurate and then provide this information to the data performance team, who in turn update the DfE. They then remove the child from their returns list. 

It would appear that your local authority doesn't have this system in place, and so I would suggest you contact the school that they will be going to in Sept 2019. Check which year group they are going into:

If it is reception, you do not need to do anything - an EYFS Profile should be completed at the end of the reception year and can only be completed once for any child.

If it is Yr1, you will need to complete and submit an EYFS Profile. I would expect the LA to support you with this.

Refer the LA to the ARA pg 7, section 'Children who remain in EYFS provision beyond the age of 5'- please find attached. 

Hope that is helpful, 


2019_early_years_foundation_stage_assessment_and_reporting_arrangements (4).pdf

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Were pretty much the same as Nicola. Sometimes the school don't know whether the child is going onto reception or year one as they are unaware of the child, and sometimes parents can change minds at the last minute, but that doesn't seem to be the case for you.

We would always support those who do have to complete the profile and we would invite them to moderation cluster or surgery. We don't get that many though.

I hope you get sorted.

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Still ongoing- she came back to me and said 'Didnt realise you were part of XYZ school '(we're not, just have same name) In that case you are exempt. 

I have now decided to do nothing unless she comes back to me. I havent the faintest idea of why she is assuming we are part of the school- no one has even mentioned them. The child in question is going to school in another borough anyway. His mother doesnt want it done, the school he is going to dont want it and we dont want to do it. But we will see, what happens next. She is currently arguing with another setting over this as well.  

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Being attached to a school would not make you exempt! The fact you have a child that hasn't yet completed their reception year makes you exempt!

 I would ask to speak with the local authority's moderation manager, quoting, if needed the references I gave you earlier in the ARA. I would also say that you have checked this with several other LAs through the FSF and the advise you are are being given is incorrect/confused.

Good Luck




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I think she is the moderation manager- I sent her all the info I had - quoting all the references you gave (and more I found) She came back with- I'm not sure why you are being so difficult over this- you have no choice! Or words to that effect. Anyway- to cut a long story short- the other setting (a friend of mine)- who was also being hassled by her contacted DfE- who stated quite categorically that she was wrong- they've also emailed this to us as well. They tried to get hold of her but she seems to have disappeared over the last week or so. Not answering or returning calls or emails, unless she is on holiday. 

Thank you for your help

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