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Selecting EAL when adding a child


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Hi all - have never had to add a child with EAL until now and I wondered if anyone could tell me:

What does selecting this option achieve?

Does it affect tracking in any way?

What are the benefits in selecting it?

I'm browsing tutorials too, but from experience, know that there is a font of fab knowledge out there!!

Thank you in advance.

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Well done for achieving EAL status!!!  selecting EAL in tapestry helps when you are tracking cohort data so that you may be able to use it for assessing whether this child's EAL affects all or any of their areas of learning. No it doesn't make any difference to tracking it just means you can search by that category This I quite useful for me as I can see if (in general) my EAL group are doing as well as or better than my non EAL (out of my current cohort I only have 7 who do not have eal or send!!)

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