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Adding staff members individually


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This tutorial explains how you can add a staff member individually. It's important that each staff member has their own unique account on Tapestry, for both safeguarding reasons and also for you to be able to tell who has done what and when. It's also very important that each staff member has a secure password that only they know. For guidance on how to set a secure password you just need to read this article

If you would like to add multiple staff members at once to Tapestry in bulk, you will be able to do so by means of importing a CSV (spreadsheet) file into Tapestry. For further details on this, please refer to this tutorial here.


Before you add a staff member it is important to be aware of and understand the three types of staff users you can have in your Tapestry account:


A manager has the ability to modify Tapestry settings by accessing the Control Panel where you can manage children, staff, groups, change setting options etc. We recommend that you have at least two managers on your Tapestry account so that you comply with the DfE requirement for providers to ensure they have a named deputy capable and qualified to take charge in case the initial manager leaves or is absent for an extended period of time.

Staff (Full Account)

Full staff members are able to log into Tapestry from a web browser or one of the mobile apps from anywhere with an internet connection. They are not able to access the control panel though, so they won't be able to add or edit staff, groups, children, or settings. Managers can set different permissions for staff as to what they are able to do and see on the account, for example restricting their view to seeing only the key children that have been assigned to them, or giving them permission to publish their own observations, among others. You can learn more about user permissions here

Staff (PIN only account)

PIN only members have the same abilities as full staff members, except that they aren't able to log into Tapestry directly from a web browser or one of the mobile apps. They require a device that is already logged in - either a manager's or a full staff member's -, from where they can enter their pin from the "Switch Accounts" screen to access Tapestry. This is intended as a security feature as it limits access to Tapestry to devices which have been approved and signed into by a full staff member or manager.

The status you’ve assigned to a staff member can be changed at any time by a manager – they just need to go back to the manage staff section and click on the ‘edit’ button next to the appropriate staff member’s name.

Once you are happy with the account types you can start with adding your staff members.

To do that, you will need to be logged into the browser version of Tapestry (not the app).

Go to the Control Panel (1) and then to the Manage Staff tab on the left (2). Then click on the "+ Add Staff Member" button (3).




This will take you to a form for you to fill in to create your new staff member.




(1) Here you will be able to upload a profile photo for that staff member. This is optional, but if you do add photos for staff members they will show up in the observations those staff members add, which can be a nice way for new parents to get to know the staff.

(2) This is where you select which account type the staff member will have. By default the option will be PIN only, but once you change it to 'Manager' or 'Staff (full account)' the email field will pop up.

(3) Here you can type in the staff member's name and surname. If you do not want to show their full name you can always use the 'name' field for Mrs/Ms/Miss/Mr.

(4) For managers and full staff members you will have to register an email address. This is the email address they will use to log in, and which all notifications will be sent to if they set their notification preferences to receive emails.  

(5) The 'activation' field allows you to decide how and when to activate a user. 

  1. Email an activation link to the user: an email will be sent to the registered email address with a link. By clicking on the link the user will be able to create a password of their choice and gain access to their account. This is for managers and full accounts only. 
  2. Manually enter the password and make active immediately: you will have to set them up with a random password. Please note that Tapestry will not send a notification email letting the user know their account is now active. You will have to advise them of their account having been activated and either send them the random password you set them up with or ask them to request a reset password email (learn more about gaining access as an active user here).
  3. Do not activate yet: no actions will be taken to activate the user and they will remain not activated (learn about user status here). You will be able to initiate the activation process later on by following the instructions in this tutorial here

For PIN only members the activation options will be as follows:

  1. Manually enter PIN and make active immediately: You will have to tell the user their PIN number, and once they have gained access to their account they will be able to change this to something of their choice from their 'edit preferences' section as explained in this tutorial here
  2. Do not activate yet

(6) You will be able to add a user to Tapestry's mailing list here. When we introduce big changes we might contact all emails that have opted in for notifications.

(7) You can link a staff member's key children from here. This is optional, and you can always come back to this or do it in bulk for all your staff members via Manage Staff > Manage Key Children. By assigning staff members with key children you create a 'key person' group that can be used for filtering. 

Also, the best way to create 'virtual classes' within Tapestry is by assigning teachers with their key children. Once that has been done, you'll be able to restrict their view to only seeing their key children, which will not only allow them to see just their key children when logging in through the app, but also when doing so through the browser version of Tapestry.

You can learn more about this in the following tutorials:

  1. Adding key children to staff
  2. Restricting staff to only see their key children
  3. Setting page filter defaults to show you your key children

(8) When you are ready to add the staff member, click 'save'. 




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