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ok we currently have a little girl with us (was 3 in August) who is giving me cause for concern. she has lots of difficulties and several skills! I am wondering if she has ASD but I may be going off piste

She is very small for age/not toilet trained/ single word or small phrase speech/ underdeveloped gross motor skills but "over" developed fine motor skills. Although she has very little independent speech she can listen to songs and rhymes and repeat them the next day (not clearly) . She is very static...doesn't move on from an activity unless told to do so. Very slow processing (up to a minute) Avoids eye contact....has attached to one member of staff However will say "thank you ****** see you later" when we see the crossing lady every day!!! REALLY LOUDLY!!!!

Any ideas????? the diagnostic process round here is terrible at the moment...we have done a salt referral but it'll take weeks to come through!

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Interesting.  Does sound ASD.  Girls do present differently.  The crossing lady speech could be learnt language that she repeats rather than understanding what she is saying. 

We are having long waits for S & L but have been told if you ask GP or HV for referral they are coming through quicker.  Depends on how relationship with parents are, could you ask them for GP to refer to paediatrician at the same time. Or privately if parents have the finances to do so? 

I know she is young but your expertise is already telling you she needs extra support so go for the referrals. 

Keep us updated. 

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hum interesting ...the GP has already seen her and said she had a delay but made no attempt to refer on! We are not getting anywhere with the HV's here at present  really overstretched. unless it is an emergency ….and even then as long as it's not past 4 on a Friday!!!!:ph34r: A private appointment may be possible ….they've done some private medical stuff before ….i'll go and have a think about that one. Now working on school accepting a delay for school entry (late August birthday)

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I have serious concerns about the children going through early years at the moment - we are the same with no support from County unless we pay, yet we are struggling to meet staffing costs etc.  These services should be free, children are going to get left behind and in 5 years plus there will be an outcry saying we failed them. I currently have 6 out of a cohort of 22 who I have concerns about, 3 very serious concerns with delayed speech etc. GP's don't seem to be interested and 90% of our parents have no idea who their health visitor is.  Sorry rant over


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Just read funding released from DfE to LA's and to projects that support young children's development. Not a complete waste of taxpayers money but i coild do with a tiny bit of it to put 1:1 support in to 2 of my children who have serious language delay,, sensory issues and behaviour. 1 child has been seen by S&L for assessment but still waiting  for therapy sessions. The other child has only just started and is csusing chaos.

We should not have to waste time proving that we have put in strategies and measures to support. We are well established setting with an experienced staff who have supported so many children in the past. When is our expertise going to be recognised and accepted.

My rant does not finish here!!

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