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Afternoon All,

I just wondered how often you guys send progress reports to parents (of all age groups)...currently at my setting children are 'key-child' of the week once per term...

a report is written by the key-person for the parent(s) detailing age stage in each of the 7 areas (the 3 prime areas only for under two's) and goals are set (between 3 - 6).  I have found that as time has gone on parents are less and less interested and it seems more work for the key-person.

Just wondering how often other settings give parents a report and if you would mind sharing (I have attached my sample if anyone wants - which  I adapted from one I found on here a while ago).

I was thinking going forward to still have a child key-person of the week once per term with some main goals and then each week (as well as when they are not key-child of the week) key-person to plan activities as per the goals as well as moving them on in areas.

Hopefully that all makes sense???!

Many thanks and have a lovely afternoon.


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I wonder if the age bands mean anything to the parents, if they are too vague. We don't use them.

At the end of each term, I send a list of the progress the children have made that term. A few times during the term I send the next steps in their learning, not development - things they can practise e.g. in the car or at bed time, with any guidance needed (for example no 'uh' at the end of sounds, so 'mm' not 'muh'.)

Attached is a record of our observations and assessments of Jack's progress during the last term.

This is what we currently are supporting Jack to learn (bullet points):

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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