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Tapestry Learning Journeys at the End of the Year


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Hello all, 

I'm wondering if anyone can help. At the end of the year, we usually download all the tapestry learning journeys onto a CD (so they work like a USB for a CD drive in a laptop/computer). I'm not sure how useful this actually is for our parents now as most have phones (and some not computers) and most new laptops no longer have a CD drive. 

We have attempted emailing in the past, but the files are all far too big. 

What does everyone else do at the end of the year so parents get to keep their child's learning journey? I know that parents have the chance to download the tapestry learning journey as a PDF file - but my understanding is that this can only work on a computer? 

The only thing I can think of for parents who can only access a phone, is for them to save the photos? Just seems a shame they lose the text and learning alongside! 

Many, many thanks :) 



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Last year I gave the parents the choice of bringing in a usb stick for me to download onto or they could download as a PDF.   I have only one parent who does not have a computer so will print hers out. ( I couldn’t afford to do this for every family).  I guess I could work out costs and ask parents for a donation if they wanted them printed out. I am not sure about if you can download onto a tablet or not, but am sure someone will be able to let us know.

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Hi ChristinaMeakin,

Welcome to the forum!

Depending on what kind of phone/device they are using, it should be possible for them to download PDFs on there, they might just need to download an app to do this if their device doesn't have an in-built PDF viewer.

If using an in-built PDF viewer, they might also need to have another cloud based app where they can then save the journal. 

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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