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Hi colleagues,

The other day we made 'magic' wands and I asked the children what they wanted to be turned into. Some of the girls said (not surprisingly) a princess. This included at least one girl of African origin. I have been trying to find images of real (rather than Disney) African princesses to add to a display of our more familiar princesses - any ideas? (There are some royal families in Africa, but not many princesses!)

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks, Mouseketeer - yes, I did google African princess and we found an image (cartoon) that my little girl liked. I also found a black Disney princess -Tiana, I think, who is from The princess and the Frog story, but I will check out the Princess and the Pea book, Trace. It looks just the thing.

Later in the day, I was looking at superheroes with some boys and realised that there aren't many black superheroes - I am now trying to catch up with The Black Panther movie to look for some images. It is getting me thinking about images that our children can relate to.


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