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  1. So glad (in a way) that this is not just a problem for me! In my room, the children look at books independently when we are tidied up, but I often send some children who can't tidy or who are slowing down the process to look at books before we are finished to stop the 'milling'. Glad to read peoples reflections and I like the idea of saying 'time to put the toys away' rather than tidy up time. (There is always one child who just mills round saying, "tidy up time!", to everyone else). And also glad to read that tidy up music isn't helping, as we seem to be spending a lot of time looking for the perfect piece of music! Good luck!
  2. royal wedding

    Thanks, Mouseketeer - yes, I did google African princess and we found an image (cartoon) that my little girl liked. I also found a black Disney princess -Tiana, I think, who is from The princess and the Frog story, but I will check out the Princess and the Pea book, Trace. It looks just the thing. Later in the day, I was looking at superheroes with some boys and realised that there aren't many black superheroes - I am now trying to catch up with The Black Panther movie to look for some images. It is getting me thinking about images that our children can relate to.
  3. royal wedding

    Hi colleagues, The other day we made 'magic' wands and I asked the children what they wanted to be turned into. Some of the girls said (not surprisingly) a princess. This included at least one girl of African origin. I have been trying to find images of real (rather than Disney) African princesses to add to a display of our more familiar princesses - any ideas? (There are some royal families in Africa, but not many princesses!) Thanks in advance, Cjules
  4. I have two summer-born children whose parents want them to stay in nursery for another year. The parents have not yet established what school the children will join next September or whether they will join a Reception or Year 1 class. I have had some experience with children with Special Needs staying on for an extra term while they do a slow transiton into school but not with children staying an extra year. What is my responsibility as a teacher? Should I be teaching them a reception curriculum or assume that this is not what the parents want and continue to follow the children's lead?
  5. Parents using their mobile phones

    Our setting states that is a mobile phone free zone. All parents are reminded not to use their phones if the are seen doing so. But more than this all professionals visiting are asked to hand in their phones and all staff have to keep their phones in their lockers in the staff room. This is not a problem when working with the children, but it can be when we are having meetings on the premises. Plus I keep my diary in my bag - I often need it in the classroom. My phone is also in my hand bag. I am constantly concerned that I will either leave my diary in the locker and not have it when I need it or leave my phone in my locker and ditto. Do you think we are over concerned about mobile phone misuse?
  6. A Year At A Glance

    Hi all Just had a quick glance at the Woodlands festival calendar and found that they have labelled 5th of January 12th night - I thought that was the 6th (though I know this is open to debate). However, Candelmas is definately the 2nd of February not the 1st. Makes me feel a bit unsure about any of the dates I am unfamiliar with. Nice website though, Cjules
  7. Dear all Thanks for the help. I was without internet for some time (hence the late reply!), so haven't had a chance to try out suggestions but will get back to you when I have. Happy return to school, all! cjules
  8. Hi all On the penultimate day of the autumn term (ie just before the Christmas party!), our first ever interactive whiteboard was delivered. I have been given the task of finding out how to use it and what is resources are available. I have had a quick look at Promethean planet, but find many resources are just too advanced for my youngest children - more approriate for Reception. However, I must admit I have not had a lot of experience with IWBs but am very willing to learn! Can folk tell me how they use their IWBs and what their favourite resources are? Thanks a million and happy new year everyone! cjules
  9. Seasons' Song

    Thanks for those suggestions - i like the seasons of the year one though I suspect it will be too difficult for my new intake - will be able to tell by half term. It is wonderful to have this forum to exchange ideas - we are so busy with the 3 hours sessions (started last Sept), that we don't have time to talk to each other! cjules
  10. Hi all this is my first post, though I have followed various threads with interest for a while. I was wondering if anyone knows a song about the seasons. I find that the children I work with have difficulty remembering what we have learnt about the seasons - even my most able child looked blank when in summer I tried to recap the other seasons, and she has been with me for 5 terms! We are in an 'area of social deprivtion' and have a high precentage of special educational needs, but even so, I was disappointed. I find songs or rhymes are a good way to recall that sort of information - so ... Anyone know one? Thanks, Cjules