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Hi everyone :) I'm new to my setting and would really like to introduce free flow play as our outdoor area is amazing and not used half as much as it should be. Problem is there are different levels to our garden and I am concerned about safety (the garden is secure though and risk assessments have been completed). I also have a staff team who are not very acceptable to change and see new ideas as a chore. Any advice on how to deal with either would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Woohoo for your first post And a big WOOHOO for free flow!:D

Perhaps some photos might help us ?? when you say levels do you mean like terraced areas??

DO you have a budget for change?

Is there any training in the area for forest school/outdoor learning or maybe you could contact your lea and organise some visits to good settings?

Lead by example...get out there with the children and do your thing!^_^ show them how much fun it can be and inspire them

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