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Liam not sure if this has been mentioned before-apologies if it has but I couldn't see a thread! As a manager when I look to attach a child to an observation on the app. As a manager I have to scroll through all 100+ children in my School which has a Nursery and Reception. This is the same for some support staff who teach in different classes throughout the week as I have to attach all of the children to them. I have the children grouped in classes on the websuite and I would find it useful if on the app when you select children you have the option to select the class/group you want first and the select the children from that smaller group without having to scroll through all of them.

I would also find it easier when uploading children at the beginning of the year if I could attach classes to staff members not do it individually as this is very time consuming when I have 9 members of staff to allocate children to and they all have to be done individually. Especially when at the beginning of the year I am not familiar with all the names for each class. When I upload a set of children it would be really helpful if there was an another option on the upload file to allocate a class like you can with gender and SEN etc and then in turn allocate classes to staff. I hope this makes sense!


Many thanks!

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Hello Clare! 

You will be happy to know that we will be releasing an iOS app update in the near future which will allow you to filter by groups on the app as-well! Do keep an eye on your Tapestry newsletters and change log for more information about when this is released! 

In the meantime, what I can suggest is assigning the children who work with several support staff as 'key children' to their staff profiles (tutorial here) and then limiting them to only view their key children (tutorial here) so when they log into Tapestry on the browser/app they can only view their key children.

As a manager if you need to be able to view all children, then I'm afraid the 'key children' method will not work in the same way for you - so please bear with us for the app update!

Regarding allocating classes at the beginning of the year; I can understand that it would be much easier to allocate the groups as key children to staff members rather than selecting each name individually. This is something that has been brought up previously and is being discussed as an additional feature we hope to include in the future as-well! For now, the easiest way to allocate the key children is by going to Control Panel > Manage Staff > Manage Key Children - for which you do need to know the names of the children you are allocating.

I hope this helps! 

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Hi Clare!

We just wanted to let you know that, from now on, you will be able to attach (and detach) entire groups of children as key children to your staff members from control panel > manage staff > manage key children.

This feature will allow you to use the groups that you created from 'manage groups' to attach the children in that group to one member of staff as key children in a much quicker way, rather than having to do so one child at a time. You will also be able to unassign entire groups with just one click. 

We hope you'll find this feature useful!

Best wishes,


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